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Trends: Bags For Summer 2018

Trends: Bags For Summer 2018


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Trends: Bags For Summer 2018

Written By: The Sprinkles of Style Team

Location: London, United Kingdom

Here at Sprinkles of Style HQ, we all love handbags (and er, fashion in general) so in this post, we've selected our top-pick bags for summer 2018 and what you need to look our for when you're shopping for your holiday!

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The See-Through Bag Within a Bag

This handbag has slowly been making a comeback however 2018 seems to be the 'it' year for the see-through handbag.

It's the perfect accessory for the summer months however you can easily style and wear this all-year-round, especially if you choose a dark colour for the inside part of the bag.

Layla says: "I love see-through bags within a bag handbags and have them in different colours. Bright pops of colour work great for the summer months and in the winter months, I choose darker colours to suit my outfits but you know, a pop of colour brightens up any look so - have fun!"

There's different options to choose from whether it's high-end or high-street so check out these options below.





The Girly Backpack

Who doesn't love a backpack? Once upon a time, they were the go-to option for school but nowadays, they're a fashion accessory loved all around the world.

Available in so many different colours and styles, they're great for business women, fashion bloggers, travellers - everyone!

Layla says: "I love backpacks and personally, I use them more when I travel or when I'm shooting for a campaign, going from place to place. Make sure there's compartments inside as this way, you can keep everything organised and neat!"

Remember Layla's Kipling campaign? You can see her wearing this exact Kipling back in this post here and you know what? It looks gorgeous!

(Heart-Eye Emoji)

Check out - available from Forever 21

The Colourful Cross-Body Bag

Who doesn't love adding a touch of colour to their outfit?

See Also

If you don't want to wear too much colour, make sure you check out colourful cross-body bags like this one here - not only is it extremely chic but with chain detailing, it adds a fashionable touch without much effort.

Layla says: "Crossbody bags are my go-to handbags. I love them especially when there's chain detailing as it's like an extra accessory! Colourful pieces like this can really update your whole look - without doing anything. You can style this with an all-black or all-white outfit of you can have fun and clash colours.... fashion is all about having fun and expressing your mood so a colourful handbag won't hurt anyone!"

Hey! - It's on sale too! 


We love reading all your comments so let us know what your go-to or favourite handbag trend is for summer 2018!

Do you go for colourful pieces or do you opt for minimalist handbags to suit all occasions?

We can't wait to read your lovely comments.

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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