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The Anti-Acne Range You Probably Don’t Know About (But Should)

The Anti-Acne Range You Probably Don’t Know About (But Should)


The Anti-Acne Range You Probably Don’t Know About (But Should)

The beauty industry is a weird place – there are certain products that everyone knows about and some aren’t even that great however some products go totally under the radar and these are the little gems we need to be talking about!

is a brand that’s new to me but after looking online and through their website I felt like I needed to share the brand.

About Anakiri Anti-Acne Range 

Anakiri is a brand that has been developed by skincare and spa industry experts, giving their expertise and knowledge to provide you with products that will make your daily skincare routine easier to follow.

All products and ranges have been developed using unique, natural ingredients to improve the look and health of your skin.

Anti Acne Skincare: Anakiri

Acne is something that all, if not most, people will suffer with at some point in their lives – I’ve suffered with it a few years ago, I reacted badly to a MAC foundation and for a year or so my skin wouldn’t settle.

The feeling is terrible and if anyone is sat there reading this, I know – you’re probably feeling really embarrassed by it or perhaps ashamed but please don’t! We’ve all been there!!

Anakiri has developed the Anakiri anti-acne range to help eliminate blemishes whilst working to renew your skin. Plenty of anti-bacterial and restorative properties are found in the range helping you to clear your skin – fast!

All the range is suited for teens, women and men – adults suffer from acne too!

Anti Acne Range: Anakiri

– Refresh your skin with a blend of antibacterial and antioxidants to replenish and cleanse skin.

– Can be used to deep cleanse and heal skin without stripping essential oils needed to replenish.

– Rejuvenate and balance your skin’s levels with this lovely refreshing mist.

– A blend of vegetable, nut and plant oils to hydrate and stimulate your skin for a beautiful dewy glow.

See Also

– A gentle, pure clay mask to designed to remove toxins from the skin and pores helping to balance levels and restore skin nutrients.

– The product that was featured on Refinery29 and ended up making the site sell out of the BEST acne product from the whole range. This restores damage done to skin – naturally, containing propolis – an ingredient that has been valued since the ancient times, it’s known to heal cuts, skin irritations and of course acne!

So, they’re all the products you can get from this range, there are other ranges targeted for anti-ageing however I know acne is a major skin issue these days and we should be looking for gems like these.

It’s a shame to spend money on high-end brands ‘just because‘ – you need to look a little further and you might find something like Anakiri, at least they use natural products and that’s another bonus! 🙂

Let me know what you all think!

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  • Anakiri – what a beautiful name and this is a first time I’ve stumbled upon this anti-acne range – thank you for highlighting this brand, Layla! I’ve had acne when I was younger and completely relate to how it can affect self-confidence but with the right products plus a healthy lifestyle, the path to a healthier skin inches closer!

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

    • It is a lovely name isn’t it – very unique! Ah, it’s great to hear how other people have gone through it, it’s a shame to go through things like this when there are products out there that can help! It’s a horrible feeling though and I can totally relate – yes, a healthy diet and looking after your skin is key – so is water!! 🙂 xxx

    • Aww no – it’s such a shame as I can really relate and it does make you feel awful!!! Give this a go but I do have some other wonderful posts coming your way! 🙂 xxx

    • Thank you so much Rena, your comments are always a pleasure to read!! Yes, it’s a shame to suffer with something when you can deal with it in different ways – it’s something many people (including me) have suffered with so I do know the feeling! xxx

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