Update Your Coffee Table Quickly

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Update your coffee table quickly

If you’ve got friends over for dinner the next day and you want to make a few changes why not update your coffee table quickly – this is where you can all sit, chat and have a cup of coffee before your meal so here are a few simple tricks!

Flowers & Vases– I love flowers, you might have seen my Appleyeard London post where I mention that this year I always want to have flowers in my home. Not only do they provide a touch of colour to the room but they instantly make your feel happier.
Flowers can also be kept the same length or trim the ends and bunch them together in a smaller vase for a neat look.

Candle Holders – I always have candles in my house – tall, short, scented, unscented and tea light candles, you name it I have them. I love tall candle holders on a mantle piece but they look equally beautiful on coffee tables.
Add a couple of tea light holders grouped together too – this looks cute and adds a luxe feel to the room and when lit add an ambience making you feel relaxed.

I love shopping in Wilkinsons they have such a variety of beautiful items and at bargain prices too – I go a little crazy in there and end up walking out with bags filled with candles, vases, bowls, pot pourri and other things I don’t need so here are a few of my picks below!

Tall Cream Vase£20

Hurricane Vase Clear£8 (I have this in red)

Glass Candlestick Large £5

Diamond Cut Tealight Holder – £3

Heart Candle Holder White £1.30

Tall Candle£1.25 (Essential)

Simple, easy ways to update your coffee table!

Let me know what you think – do love candles and flowers as much as me!?


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