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4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Makeup

4 Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Makeup

We love make up – we’re keen to try new products more often than we think, and above all, we probably own too much of it! I know I do….

How many of us get distracted by a cute lip colour, only to get home and realise that you have two very similar, but albeit, just very slightly different shades?

When buying make-up, there are a few common mistakes we all (yes, even the real professionals) tend to make.

It’s easy to do, but to avoid making the same mistake twice, we’ve rounded up the top four common mistakes people make when buying cosmetics – and hands up, who’s done at least one of these?

Buy Cheap, Buy Twice – Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Makeup


The cosmetics industry is becoming increasingly more saturated.

It seems like every week there’s a new line coming out, and more often than not, they’re usually competing to see who can offer the cheapest products, too.

One key thing to remember when replenishing that make-up drawer is the following: buy cheap, buy twice.

It’s one of the biggest make-up mistakes when we buy on a whim. Now, we don’t all have to go out and spend a fortune on designer brands – far from it!

However, if you’re paying 50p for a nail varnish, don’t expect it to last for weeks on-end without chipping, or that you’ll be able to apply just one coat and get a bold colour as a result. 

Plus, when we pay prices too good to be true, they’re usually not produced in the most ethical manner.

Cruelty-free Research 


We should all be huge advocates of cruelty-free make-up products.

More big brands are also going that way as more and more of us are becoming a lot more educated about it.

A recent study found as many as 36% of women only bought from brands who didn’t test on animals – this is great news and hopefully a number well see on the increase.

An easy way to conduct your cruelty-free research quickly and efficiently is online.

You can spend hours checking each product in the shop but the internet is much faster – as we know.

A variety of websites now have up-to-date lists of all make-up brands offering cruelty-free products. Use hashtags on social media to find out more – especially Instagram.

Who knows, you might even get some new make-up inspiration and beauty tips from doing thing.

Testing In Artificial Light – Common Mistakes People Make When Shopping For Makeup


When we test out make-up in a shop, it’s normally under artificial lighting – the worst lighting. This isn’t going to give you the most honest result and normally, when you get home, you may find the ‘perfect’ foundation looking different.

One of the easiest ways to get around this is trying different samples on your skin.

Wait for a while before going outside and see the samples in natural light – this will give you the most accurate representation of how the colour will look.

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The same goes for your lipstick, eye makeup, bronzer and blush – lighting can change the colour.

Test on the inside of your arm or on your jawline. On the back of your hand still won’t give you the best representation.

Seasonal Changes 


Ok, picture this – we’re in the deepest darkest depths of winter and you’re looking for a new foundation.

You find the perfect one, but wait, it gets to summer and now looks completely different. Sounds familiar, right?

Your skin will change colour and slightly in texture throughout the seasons – darker and smoother in the summer months. Lighter and perhaps dryer during the winter months.

With this in mind, shop according for your skin and how it changes throughout the year – opt for different colours in the summer to suit your skin tone and another colour in the winter.

Look at the ingredients in your make-up too. Make a note of nourishing, hydrating ingredients so it benefits your skin as you wear it.

I hope you all enjoyed this post – let me know if you’ve made mistakes when shopping for makeup!

Have a lovely day!

Layla x

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