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111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C – What are the benefits and What to expect?

111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C – What are the benefits and What to expect?


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C

Written By: Layla

Location: Wellness Clinic, Harrods

Cryotherapy: 111 CRYO by Dr Yannis Alexandrides

Join Layla as visits The Wellness Clinic in Harrods, London to experience her first every Cryotherapy Treatment with 111 CRYO by Dr Yannis Alexandrides.

What are the benefits of Cryotherapy?

What to expect at Cryotherapy?

How to dress for Cryotherapy?

Layla's got you covered! 🙂


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C

Location: The Wellness Clinic, Harrods.

For my Cryotherapy Treatment with 111 CRYO, I visited Harrods as 111 CRYO provide their treatments at The Wellness Clinic.

The Wellness Clinic is located on the 4th floor in Harrods. As soon as you walk towards the entrance, you instantly start feeling relaxed due to the lovely atmosphere.

111 CRYO also offer treatments in Harvey Nichols. 


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C

Before Treatment

The Wellness Clinic in Harrods is absolutely beautiful, I'd never visited before however as soon as you arrive, you feel at ease, you feel comfortable and you feel relaxed.The decor is extremely beautiful - simple but super-luxurious which is just what you expect.

After 'checking in' you're then taken to an equally beautiful seating area with relaxing music playing in the background - there's magazines to browse through along with lemon slices to add to your water too. 🙂

(It's the little details which matter)

Once you're settled, you're given an iPad to fill in a questionnaire prior to the Cryotherapy Treatment. The questionnaire asks you for your details and any medical factors that the team should know about.

Once all the details have been filled, you're then taken through to a chamber (not as weird as it sounds) where you're then told more about the treatment and also asked to select a song to play for the duration of your treatment.


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C

111 Cryo Chamber

As you can see the 111 CRYO Chamber is inside a small room.

The 111 CRYO Chamber is actually a lot bigger than what it looks like in this photo - I've taken it at a slight angle making it appear smaller however it's spacious inside.

I didn't know this but was told that Cryotherapy can be booked for 2 people - turning your treatment into a girly pamper-session so to speak.

If you look on the floor of the chamber, it looks like snowflakes and you're right!

In fact, it's ice particles from the moisture in the air when the door is opened.

As you can see, the lighting is a lovely purple shade - this stays the same colour throughout your treatment  (slightly more vivid inside) and 10 seconds before your treatment is finished - the lighting starts to flash, letting you know how long is left.

Treatment is 3 minutes and depending on your body temperature and if it's dropped to the goal - you can either go back into the chamber for another minute. Speak to a team member beforehand about what you'd like to achieve through your Cryotherapy sessions and they'll be able to advise you.

111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C


The temperature inside the chamber itself is actually -91°C before your treatment.  Don't be put off by the temperature even though it sounds extreme, the atmosphere is very dry making it manageable.

During your treatment a team member remains outside the door taking you through a routine of exercises - making your heart pump faster, circulation flow faster and and an oxygen rush which fills your body leaving you feeling refreshed and alert.


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C 

One thing to note - if you're a contact lens wearer, make sure you keep blinking throughout the process to ensure your eyes remain hydrated.

As soon as you enter the chamber - the glass door (pictured above) will, at first, fog up so you won't be able to see the team member outside however in a few seconds your view is back to normal. 🙂


111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C 

What To Wear 

OK, so if you google (as I did) - you'll read that for Cryotherapy you sometimes don't wear clothes BUT at 111 CRYO - you do.

See Also

In the room where the Cryo Chamber is located, there's a cupboard to store your clothes and belongings (all jewellery needs to be removed or hidden) and in the cupboard you're also provided with an outfit.

You get a vest top which can be worn over your bra, shorts which can be worn over your knickers, socks and slipper-like shoes, 2 pairs of gloves (used for ski) a headband to keep hair out of your face and a mask.

Once you've got your gloves on, the team member will apply your headband and mask on you to make sure it's on properly.

111 CRYO: My Cryotherapy Treatment At -90°C 


SUPERCHARGE YOUR BRAIN - Exposure to extreme cold induces the primal ‘flight or fight’ response, kick-starting a cocktail of hormones being pumped around the body.

ADRENALINE BOOST - Adrenaline provides clarity, focus and determination, as well as enhancing the body’s natural energy levels. Prepare for an extreme boost like no other

INCREASED CIRCULATION - The heart pumps harder, the circulation flows faster, and an oxygen rush fills every sinew in your body - like an early morning run in the crisp Alpine air. Body is revived and the mind is alive.

BURN UP TO 800 CALORIES - Leave with a rosy radiance, much like a post-gym glow, feeling happier and ready for anything.

After the treatment, despite being cold, I have to say that I felt really well. I felt energised, fresh, alert, awake and refreshed - like I'd just gone for a walk on a cold mountain.

One day after my treatment, I spent some time at the gym which was followed up with a sauna treatment and swim - my skin looked a lot smoother and glowing which was great to see.


If you've never heard about Cryotherapy or considered it before then I would recommend that everyone tries it at least once - you'll love the feeling afterwards! You feel fresh, alert and re-energised - with a lovely healthy glow.

Before your treatment, it's normal to feel a little uneasy as it's something new but don't be put off by the temperatures - you'll definitely feel the cold during your treatment but if you go through the exercise routine with your team member, you'll be absolutely fine. The main thing is to keep moving!

I really enjoyed the treatment and I have no doubt that in the future I'll be back for another treatment! 🙂

Make sure you check out 111 CRYO to view their website.

You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think about Cryotherapy and if its's something you're considering.

x x

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    • Ah thank you so much for your lovely comment – I was a little nervous just before going into the chamber however there was a staff member that talks to you about the process and also remains with you throughout the treatment going through a few exercises to keep you moving! It’s something that I would do again as I felt SO good after! 🙂 x

    • Thank you very much – it’s a wonderful treatment and something which I would recommend, if people can as it’s something that helps your body and skin overall! 🙂 x

    • Hahahaha – me too when I saw it! But, it was actually a really lovely treatment and not something to worry about as your body naturally adapts to the temperature which creates all the benefits mentioned in the post. 🙂 x

  • This sounds so interesting! Lovely to read all the benefits of the treatments, amazing it can burn up to 800 calories – wow! I love the sound of the seating area beforehand too haha, it really is those little finishing touches like the lemon in the water that make an experience all the better 🙂 x

    • Ah thank you so much – it’s such a lovely treatment and even though it was cold, I would definitely give it a go again due to all the benefits and how I felt after! 🙂 x

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