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Why Picnics Are Great – #NowItsSummer

Why Picnics Are Great – #NowItsSummer


Why Picnics Are Great - #NowItsSummer

So, what makes a picnic great? Is it the food? Is it the company? Is it the beautiful outdoors?

It's time to get out there and make the most of the weather and what better way than with a picnic.


For me, this is the time of year where we can all embrace the beautiful outdoors and take advantage of the glorious sunshine.

It's something that I keep mentioning on here however, I feel like nowadays we spend more time rushing around and stressing about our work rather than making the time for our loved ones and appreciating the little moments in life.

I remember in my younger years how happy I would be when my mum would take me to the local park, getting the picnic ready for us to sit down and enjoy - making sure that we could spend quality time together.

I'm taking advantage of the #NowItsSummer Campaign for Amazon and writing about why picnics are great and why we should be going back to old-fashioned times and experiencing that happiness once again.


Why Picnics Are Great - #NowItsSummer

As I've mentioned above, I really do think that most of us now live rushed lives - not appreciating the little things around us and not appreciate the people in our lives.

Picnics are a perfect way to spend time with your family and friends, you get to enjoy each others company, eat lovely food and appreciate the beautiful outdoors.

You don't need to spend a lot of money or book tickets in advance either - simply enjoy the weather (when you can) and pack your favourite food to enjoy.

As part of the Amazon #NowItSummer campaign - I chose the Luxury Picnic Basket which you can see in the photos.

I picked this as it contains multiple compartments with essentials and accessories such as plates, cutlery, glasses and Tupperware for up to 6 people so you can really get creative by making snacks that everyone will enjoy.

Below, you'll be able to see that the picnic basket has red-lining with matching plates, this is actually really pretty and makes the picnic experience that little bit more special.


Why Picnics Are Great - #NowItsSummer

What I really like about this luxury picnic basket is the fact that it comes with all the essentials that you need.

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I mean, just looked at the beautiful glasses with the decorative design  - they're gorgeous.

It's the little touches and the little details like this which will make your picnic time not only more enjoyable but it will make the memories last a lifetime!

I always think that if you pay attention to the little details and put in that extra bit of effort, no matter what you do, you can always create something beautiful - yes even with picnics.


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I always love reading what your comments so let me know what you think about picnics.....

Do you agree that they're a great way for getting out there, enjoying the weather, spending time with your friends and family and making the most of the sunny summer days?


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