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What's it like being a beauty blogger?

What's it like being a beauty blogger?

The main question I get asked is ‘What’s it like being a beauty blogger’ and my answer tends to be the same….’It’s AMAZING!’
I get to write about something I love and share my thoughts with you amazing readers….I LOVE blogging about fashion too but beauty will be the main thing you’ll find on here!
I grew up loving make-up, I would sit with my little make-up sets and try to develop new colours…when my mum would buy new skincare products I’d sit down and feel the textures and I would always be fascinated with anything beauty related.
When I set up my blog just over a year ago I didn’t even think I would be getting this amount of views on a daily basis and I would never have thought I would have met so many wonderful bloggers or work with so many incredible companies.
Being a make-up artist has definitely helped me in what I look for in new products, expressing my opinion and sharing my tips and tricks but you can’t beat the feeling of when you see new followers or new comments on your blog….it makes me smile knowing that someone has taken the time to comment or follow my blog and is interested to see what I have to say!
Some people will say… ‘you only blog for the free products’ but that couldn’t be further away from the truth….I blog because it makes me happy not for the free products…..of course the products are nice and it’s always lovely finding out about new launches first but that is NOT why I blog!
Looking at the picture above you can see what happens… need to have LOTS of storage space especially for samples and products you get sent as it’s on a daily basis! :)Being a beauty blogger has allowed me to express my opinion, some people may or may not agree but that’s what I love…having that discussion with fellow bloggers, seeing what they love/hate and networking….that’s what being a blogger is all about! 🙂

I would just like to thank every person who has followed my blog, who comments and all the wonderful beauty/PR/fashion companies who send me products and emails….my blog wouldn’t be where it is without you and I want to send you all a big hug!
Let me know what beauty blogging is like for you, why you blog and what you like most about blogging!
Layla xxx
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    • Becca!! Thank you so much for your comment!! This has made my year!! Awwww…i’m so happy to hear that! Yes I always remain honest in my reviews and am more than happy to help anyone who needs advice or help! 🙂

      Thank you for all your support…you have been there from the beginning and I can’t thank you enough!


    • Aww it’s so good to find outer bloggers that feel the same way! Yes I agree…you can ask one question and you’ll get lots of help!

      I love blogging….sharing my opinion and meeting new bloggers…it’s wonderful! 🙂

      Layla xx

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