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Label.M Age Defying Radiance Oil – Review

Label.M Age Defying Radiance Oil – Review

I received this wonderful product last week and although haircare isn’t something I talk about regularly I feel like this one HAS to be mentioned on here!

First of I want to start by saying that this is Sulphate FREE which is something I adore in products!

Why use chemicals when there is no actual need… baffles me at times!

My hair is now at a stage where it’s nearly at my waist…it’s really long and goes from curly (scrunch-time) to wavy (air-dry) but as I dye my hair often (unfortunately the greys are coming through) it does get a little bit dehydrated and dry.

I have tried numerous masks which only left my hair looking greasy so when I heard about this product and the fact it’s meant to be lightweight I was interested so imagine what joy came over me when I received this through the post!!!

It contains Moroccan Argan Oil which is probably one of the most popular ingredients in hair products now….everyone is raving about moroccan oil so that’s a BIG thumbs up from me!

The first time I used this on my hair I was completely and utterly in love with how gorgeous and yummy it smelt….it’s a little bit like a sweeties, fruits and flowers mixed in this bottle…it’s sweet but not overpowering and left my hair smelling gorgeous all day!

It did make my hair feel a little softer which was nice to see but I want to get a few more uses out of it before I comment more…you can check out my tweets as I’ll be writing my update on there too
( @layladbeauty )

Did it make my hair shinier?
Yes a little bit it did…my hair is naturally quite dark and shiny but this just gave it a little bit of a boost which is always welcome!

Would I recommend this to fellow bloggers, friends and family?

Yes I would….although it’s £25.50 you get a lot of product (100ml) and you only need 1 – 2 pumps at the most so it’s going to last a very long time!

Does it make hair feel greasy?

It’s an extremely lightweight oil and doesn’t make your hair feel sticky or vile…it just makes your hair feel softer and it smells incredible.

Did it make your hair look/feel younger?

Unfortunately I don’t really know how your hair can ‘look younger’ it has made it looks shinier and feel softer but not yet at a stage where I look at my hair and think WOW…..although I do think WOW for the smell….it’s actually incredible…there should be a perfume like this!

You can see in the pictures that the oil is a lot lighter than in the bottle but it’s just like water so it doesn’t even make your hands feel greasy….it just makes them feel very soft too and did I mention how amazing the smell is!?

Even though I haven’t used this for a very long time I’m already loving this product…it’s beautiful, lightweight and a little product goes a long way!

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You can purchase it online by clicking HERE

I would also like you lovely people to check out Label.M website by clicking HERE
You can keep up to date with new products, discounts and all the info!!

If people are out there with long hair, dry hair or dull hair then I really do recommend this product!
You will love it!!!

If you don’t then feel free to send it my way hahahahaha!

If you’ve tried this please let me know!
I love hearing from you!! 🙂

Layla xx


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