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Wear Denim Differently

Wear Denim Differently



Wear Denim Differently – So, this is a little bit of a different post than normal but it does fit into the ‘Styling Tips’ section of the blog perfectly!

A few weeks ago I was chatting to someone who told me that they’re not a fan of denim clothing and although I couldn’t (and still don’t) understand how you can’t like denim it did make me think about writing this post.

As you can tell from my outfit posts, I personally love denim – it’s something that I wear more or less everyday as it suits me, my lifestyle and can easily be worn on casual days and dressed up for the evening.

However this post is all about showing you how to accesorize and incorporate denim to your outfit without it being the main focus!

Wear Denim Differently –Β Denim Jackets Around Your Waist/Hips

Ah, so now you get the photo above! πŸ™‚

One of the easiest ways to wear denim differently is by actually wrapping a jacket around your waist / hips.

I would personally tie it just above my hips as it’s much more comfortable BUT a lot of you out there would probably wear it around your waist like in the picture above!

By doing this you’re adding a touch of denim to your look without it being the main item – style it with a crisp white shirt and white t-shirt for a casual look! πŸ™‚

Wear Denim Differently – A Clutch Bag

You can find denim patchwork clutch bags out there now – they’re super cute and look great when teamed up with LBD’s (Little Black Dresses) too!

Add a pair of hot pink heels – this works perfectly with denim! πŸ™‚

Wear Denim Differently – Shop

Here you can shop some of my favourite pieces – including some gorgeous hot pink heels!

Denim Jackets – Forever 21

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So, there we have some ways on how to wear denim differently – let me know what you all think! Do you love denim like me or are you not a big fan?


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