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Versace Denim Jeans – Studs and Gem Detail

Versace Denim Jeans – Studs and Gem Detail

Versace Denim Jeans - Gem Detail

Up until a few weeks ago I never really thought anything of Versace… I had never visited any of their stores and I had never looked through any collections.

Walking past a Versace store I suddenly decided I would have a little look…walking in, I was completely in LOVE.

The store was just so beautiful and calming…I walked around looking at all the clothing, the beautiful colours and the gorgeous shoes.

Suddenly I came across a gorgeous pair of jeans which have a unique twist – instead of being plain and just denim, Versace has added some gorgeous stud and gem detail which give them an edge.

I also love the Versace Jeans label which has lovely detail too.

Looking through the pieces I have to say that each piece has it’s own unique twist, it’s own style and a beautiful mixture of colours.

Versace is now extremely high on my list of stores and I will definitely be visiting again – they say that brands are overpriced but looking at all the detail, the work and the quality I don’t agree….I think you buy what you pay for and with Versace I can truly understand why people love the collections.

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What do you think of Versace?

Do you have anything from there and if so what do you love most about the brand?

Sprinkles of Style xx

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