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Valentines Lip Kit From….Primark!

Valentines Lip Kit From….Primark!


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Valentines Lip Kit From.... Primark! 

Yep - it's that time of year again when brands launch their new collections ahead of Valentines and here's something which we think you'll love - a Valentines Lip Kit from one of the most-loved high-street brands - Primark! 

Valentines Lip Kit From Primark 

Thanks to Kylie Jenner and the power of social media, 2017 was the year of Lip Kits  - everyone wanted them and now, more and more brands are developing and launching their own versions.

As with all the beauty products on the market, they range from high-end to budget and in this post - we're featuring a lip kit from the UK's favourite high-street brand, Primark!

Yep, that's right! Primark have launched an exclusive Lip Kit just for Valentines!

For £3 - you really can't go wrong. Even if you're not going to use it for Valentines specifically just add it to your make-up collection and use it when you like! 

As you can see, the Lip Kit consists of a Matte Liquid Lipstick and matching Lip Liner so you can create the desired look.

The other Lip Kits available at Primark come in a range of colours and styles too.

Metallic, High-Shine and of course Matte to cover all the make-up looks you want to create. 🙂

(Image - Primark)


If Lip Kits aren't your thing then make sure you check out these lovely pieces below - super cute and perfect for Valentines! Can be found in-store throughout any Primark Home Department. 



Check out Layla's Valentines Makeup too!

Make sure you subscribe to her Youtube Channel as she has lots of fun features coming soon! 🙂

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Are you loving these Lip Kits from Primark and what do you think of the home-decor pieces too??

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