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Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection – What We Know So Far

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection – What We Know So Far


Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection

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Another new launch has been announced and this time, it's from Urban Decay with the Naked Cherry Collection. Here, you can see all the details we know so far....

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection - Eyeshadow Palette

Calling all beauty lovers out there - is it just us or does the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection look very, very pretty!?

The new launch comes just in time for the Autumn / Winter months and as you can see in the picture, the eyeshadow palette features a variety of stunning shades such as beautiful peach colours, shimmering cherry tones and rich brown shades.

Even though we haven't got our hands on the eyeshadow palette yet, it looks like the tones will be the go-to over the colder months, allowing you to create beautiful makeup looks with something to suit everyone.

This comes after the announcement from Urban Decay who will are discontinuing the original Urban Decay Naked Palette but this launch doesn't stop there....


Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection - Lipstick

Not only is Urban Decay launching a new eyeshadow palette - they're extending the Naked Cherry Collection with three lipstick shades, a face / highlighter palette AND they've given their all-nighter setting spray a makeover too!

(It's like Urban Decay are making up for discontinuing their original naked palette)

Just take a look at the lipstick shades - they look absolutely beautiful and we love the close-up shots of these.

A shimmery golden pumpkin spice shade, a shimmery cherry tone and a deep cherry tone - there's something for everyone!

The brand is really embracing Autumn / Winter with this collection and we think this will be a hit.

Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection - Face Palette

As we've mentioned above, Urban Decay have also been working on other products in the Naked Cherry Collection - take a look at the face palette which is pictured on the right.

There's three beautiful tones in this palette - two of which are highlights (one brightening highlighter and one glowing highlighter) and in the centre, you can see the warm peach blush shade.

In terms of the highlighter - we would use the brightening one (lighter) on the arch of the brow and inner corners of the eye to brighten.

In the evening, layer your highlighters, use the darker highlighter on your cheekbones, along your nose and cupids bow - adding touches of the lighter highlighter to give your skin more 'glow'.

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Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection - All Night Setting Spray

It doesn't stop there! The All Nightter Setting Spray has received a makeover.

That's right! One of the best-selling products from Urban Decay has received a makeover for the launch for the Naked Cherry Collection and you know what? We love it!

The gold font just looks beautiful on the rich-cherry toned packaging and if you look closely at the picture, you can just see that it says "cherry scented".

A product that keeps makeup in place and smells like cherries? Yes please!

The collection hasn't launched yet - this is just a little preview but on the UK Urban Decay website, you can sign up to be notified of the launch - simply click here  and at the top of the screen, you'll a 'Sign Up' banner.

You know that we love reading all your comments so let us know what you think of the Urban Decay Naked Cherry Collection - does this looks like something you'd like to add to your beauty collection? Are the tones something that you'd create makeup looks with?

Let us know!

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