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Topshop Lip Cream – Daze

Topshop Lip Cream – Daze


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Topshop Lip Cream – Daze

Topshop Makeup seems to be a hit in the blogging world, everyones seems to own one product or another!

So after clearing out some of my old lip glosses I came across this Topshop Lip Cream and thought it would be good to write a little review about it.

Topshop Lip Cream Packaging

I love the packaging, it’s really simple but the polka dots really add a fun feel to it and make it stand out from the rest of my lip glosses.

Topshop Lip Cream Texture

It’s pretty much self-explanatory, this isn’t a ‘gloss‘ it’s a ‘cream‘ and applies like a butter.

It feels really smooth, lightweight – like a lip balm and has a very subtle sheen to it, so subtle that it could also be used as a matte base. Dab on with your ring finger for this effect.

Topshop Lip Cream Colour Daze

Daze, what a gorgeous colour you are!

A lovely pink shade which compliments most skin tones and gives lips a lovely, plump look.

If you’re feeling experimental you could mix a tiny amount with a moisturiser and apply to the ‘apples‘ of the cheeks (plumpest part when you smile) for a rosy glow.

Purchase Topshop Lip Cream online

I think this shade ‘Daze’ may not be available online anymore but after looking on the Topshop website I think the nearest colour to this would be ‘Double Take‘ it has more of a shimmer to it unlike Daze which has a more ‘matte’ look.

See Also

I will have a little look and see if Daze can be found anywhere and I’ll update this post!

Priced at £7.00 it’s a bargain!

You can never have enough lip colours 🙂

Layla xx

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