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Things You Hadn’t Considered About Extending Your Home (Interior Post)

Things You Hadn’t Considered About Extending Your Home (Interior Post)


Things You Hadn't Considered About Extending Your Home (Interior Post)

The Sprinkles of Style Team is back with a new interior post - sharing some things which you might not have considered about extending your home.

For all the details (and pretty pictures) - keep scrolling... 🙂


There's so many reasons why you should extend your home - firstly, it adds value to the property and secondly you can create much more space to suit you and your needs. 

Whether it's simply for extra space or a new office to work from home - whatever the reason, there's things which you need to consider before making the decision to go through with an extension.

Below, we've shared the most important things which you need to consider.

Site Insurance 

Your home might already be insured however, if  you're thinking of changing the actual property structure during the extension, you're going to need separate insurance - with a reputable company of course. 

Always speaking to your insurance provider for any advice but for big projects, its worth taking out your own insurance to make sure you're covered in every way - this will save you in the long run if anything does happen. 

Orangery or Conservatory?

When you're extending your home, the most common thing which people opt for is a conservatory. Depending on your budget, why not look at another option - an orangery. 

They easily become a part of your home with solid walls and glazed roofing, take a look at the orangery kitchen extensions here. 

This could be the better choice all depending on the look you want to achieve for your home. 


Removing Walls Offers A Natural Extension

If you're looking to create more space in your home without the need of building extra rooms then consider removing walls in your home for an open-plan living space. 

It's increasing popular with homeowners and there's plenty of options to choose from whether it's an open plan kitchen/dining room or living/dining space. 

Define the space with different types of flooring and lighting too - this will transform the space and make it look like you've gone through with a large extension. 

Approval For The Extension

You don't always need planning permission for an extension but more often than not, you do need building regulation approval however - there are exceptions

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If you're changing the buildings structure then you'll need to speak to your local council to let them know about the work you want to carry out. 

It's best to check with the local office before you go beyond the planning stage to make sure everything is approved beforehand. 

So, we hope that our advice has helped in some way - especially if you hadn't considered the points. 

Whatever you decide to do with your home, we're all wishing you success and we hope that you have a fab time creating the living space you choose! 

The Sprinkles of Style Team 


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  • What a lovely and inspiring post to see. It is a cold day in New York and I enjoyed looking at these beautiful sunrooms and extensions to the lovely interiors that you feature. When my children were growing up we had a greenhouse/ breakfast room , and it was a lovely addition to our home. I hope this new year is wonderful for you.

    • Thank you so much for your lovely post – it’s so nice to read your comment and to hear your memory so thank you so much for sharing! Hope you have a wonderful weekend xxx

  • Removing walls can be a beautiful way of opening up a space and letting more natural light in, great suggestion! You’ve picked some wonderfully dreamy interior pictures to accompany this post, oooh! Happy 2018 Layla, hope you’re having an incredible start to the year!

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