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The Wet Brush Review

The Wet Brush Review


The Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet brush ReviewThe Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet Brush ReviewThe Wet Brush

Hair – The Wet Brush Review *

I was recently sent some wonderful products to review and in this post I’ll be writing about “The Wet Brush” which is currently number 1 in America.

The Wet Brush – Packaging

It comes packaged in a sleek box which is see through so your eye immediately focuses on the colourful brush inside, I have a really vibrant green shade which is lovely πŸ™‚

All around you get details about the brush, the technology and the fact it works on a variety of hair from curly, frizzy, fine, thick, wet, dry, natural and extensions!

The Wet Brush – Texture/Bristles

I know it’s weird to talk about the texture of a hairbrush but hear me out – this is such a lightweight brush, I was actually surprised at how lightweight it felt and the bristles are incredibly soft which is all quite unique for a hair brush…normally the bristles are quite firm meaning it’ll drag through and pull at Β your hair but I suppose this is what makes all the difference….. πŸ™‚

The Wet Brush – Using on Wet Hair

I always comb my hair after a shower to get rid of any knots and I always find that I can apply products better and evenly when my hair has been combed.

My hair tangles easily as it’s wavy/curly (it does what it wants when it wants) so it’s rare that I find a product that combs my hair with no problems and from all my combs I have 2 (now 3) that work.

This doesn’t pull, drag or knot hair, it glides through smoothly and detangles my hair perfectly, I don’t even need to go over it with another comb to make sure all the tangles are out as this does the job – I don’t pull my hair at all and it makes ALL the difference if you want your hair to look and feel better.

The Wet Brush – Using on Dry Hair

I try not to comb my hair when it’s curly as it ends up going all afro – when it’s straight or blow-dried I do however I did try this before washing my hair and it just glides through hair like a knife through butter, smooth and no catching – just lovely!

The Wet Brush – Overall

I really recommend this brush to everyone whether you have fine, thick, curly, straight, damaged hair…it’ll work on all hair types and seeing as it doesn’t drag or pull on the hair this will actually make your hair look and feel a lot healthier.

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The fact that it’s lightweight and such a lovely colour also makes it really wonderful to take away on holidays, pop it into your suitcase and of you go!!

You can purchase this from Cult Beauty however you can’t get it in the colour I have BUT you can get it in BLACK, PINK & WHITE/SILVER Β for just Β£11.99 – it may be pricier for a brush but it’s SO worth it!!

Let me know what you think, if you’ve tried it and if you love it as much a me!! πŸ™‚

Layla xx

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