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The Media, The Pressure On Females and Why It Needs To Stop

The Media, The Pressure On Females and Why It Needs To Stop


The Media, The Pressure On Females and Why It Needs To Stop

Written By: Layla - Instagram @layladbeauty

In this article, we're discussing the pressures on females from the media and why it all needs to stop.

As you may have seen, a few weeks ago, The Sun got a lot of backlash on social media following an article they published about Isobel Steele (actress) where a journalist said that she needs to "flash a bit of flesh!"

Isobel Steele is only 17 years old.

One thing that I don't understand is why the media feel it's OK to judge people based on what they wear. On here, I write about fashion but I'll never specifically target someone.

We are all free to wear what we like - as long as we feel comfortable in what we wear and we feel happy, that's all that matters however it seems that the media keeps pushing things too far and gets away with it...

Screen Shot 2018-06-23 at 17.14.31

Following the criticism on social media, the journalist in question sent out the tweet which you can see on the left.

It's not the best apology and if you think about it - a journalists job is to do the research before they write up an article....

The article has since been taken down from The Sun who said they are "taking steps to ensure this can't happen again" however it's the fact that the media are there and ready to judge how someone looks and this is where a change is needed.

With the rise in social media, anyone can be targeted and there's a lot of pressure (and hate) especially towards females - personally, it's not something that I pay attention to as I know that whoever has the time to sit down and target someone with negativity, hasn't got anything better to do with their lives.

The media on the other hand look for celebrities and people who are in the spotlight to either make a mistake or wear something that they consider unflattering just to create a story however if you look a little bit further, the people the media target are just that - they're people.

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You don't know when someone has had enough. You don't know if someone is smiling for the cameras but crying on the inside. You don't know what a person feels when the media creates a story out of nothing and this is where I think the media needs to sit down and think about the type of stories they are featuring online, in magazines and in the papers.

If the media actually do their research and try to raise awareness for different topics and issues, writing about people in a positive way (focusing on their achievements) and working with people instead of going against them  - miracles could happen and we'd live in a much more positive and happy world.

You all know that I love reading your comments so I want to hear from you - you lovely people out there! Do you agree with this and do you also think that a change needs to happen?

I can't wait to hear from you!

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