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Easter Surprise! The L’Occitane Beauty Easter Egg

Easter Surprise! The L’Occitane Beauty Easter Egg


The L'Occitane Beauty Easter Egg!

Written By: Layla

Easter is just around the corner and if you're looking for gift ideas or an alternative to a traditional Easter egg, thanks to L'Occitane, I may just have something for you!

L'Occitane Beauty Easter Egg

Cherry Blossom Beauty Easter Egg

Are you wondering what the Easter surprise is?

Look no further! Here, you can find out all the details about the L'Occitane Beauty Easter Egg - make a note, this is a limited edition product so if you like the look of it, grab it while you can or treat yourself to a little gift... 😉

There's two different options available however in this post, you can see the 'Cherry Blossom' version which out of the two, is my favourite! It's delicate, fruity and really embraces the beauty of the Cherry Blossom tree - taking inspiration from the pastel colours too.

Inside the egg, you get three sample sized products which are:

  • Cherry Blossom Shower Gel (75ml)
  • Cherry Blossom Body Lotion (35ml)
  • Cherry Blossom Hand Cream (10ml)

For those of you wondering - the other version is the VERBENA Beauty Easter Egg which is the much-loved zesty scent from L'Occitane.

Click here to view the L'Occitane Verbena Beauty Egg.


L'Occitane Beauty Easter Egg

The Products

As you can see, inside the L'Occitane Beauty Easter Egg, there's three sample-sized products which are great as a little gift for someone or as a treat for yourself.

Personally, I love sets like this as it's a great way to try other products from a brand without spending too much and it's also a great way to introduce yourself to a brand if you haven't used any of their products before.


Priced at £15 - even though they're pricier than your 'normal' Easter egg, they're great as alternative gifts and yes, even as a gift or treat to yourself! 😉

See Also

As I've mentioned above, I'm featuring the Cherry Blossom range as this is the one which has been sent to me as a gift and as you all know, this would be my normal choice anyway.

I prefer Cherry Blossom to Verbena as I like my sweeter / floral scents whereas Verbena is very fresh and reminiscent of lemon....


You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think about these L'Occitane Beauty Easter Eggs! Will you be shopping them as alternative gifts or treating yourself?

Which ranges out of the two do you prefer? The Cherry Blossom set or the Verbena set?

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