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The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring

The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring


The Diamond Store – known for it’s award-winning service and beautiful range of diamond and gemstone jewellery. A few weeks ago, the company reached out and asked if I’d like to feature something from their website and of course – I said yes!

Browsing through their website, I came across a variety of jewellery – some items I’d wear daily, others only on special occasions however I settled on a piece which I think is going to be a HUGE trend – the kisses ring.

So, what is the kisses ring? It’s basically down to the design which features ‘X’ and typically means kisses. This is something which is used around the world, especially when it comes to text messages.

The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring: Packaging

Take a look at the photo above and you can see that this comes packaged in a large box and inside, it comes complete with a gift bag along with the jewellery box itself. There’s another well-known company which is known for their turquoise-coloured boxes and in turn, The Diamond Store has embraced the colour orange. Bright and cheerful yet still offers that touch of luxury.

The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring: Inside The Orange Box

Once you open the little orange box, this is when you actually notice how much attention to detail has gone into this.

The Diamond Store have made sure that the customer experiences the “wow” factor and it’s the little things like this which make a difference overall.

Inside the orange box, you’ll notice that there’s a thin cushioned lining – this protects the jewellery casing.

The jewellery casing (black box) is very, very impressive – I personally haven’t seen anything like it and think it’s something you’re all going to love too.

Take a look further below to see…

The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring: The Jewellery Casing & Light

I mean, can we just take a moment to appreciate how beautiful the inside of the jewellery casing is….. just look at how much detail has gone into this. There’s even a light above the ring!

The light switches on automatically as you open the box, such a great touch.

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One thing which I would like to mention here is that the cushioning with the company logo is upside down. Personally, this doesn’t bother me as the jewellery box and detailing is lovely however if you’re giving this as a gift and want everything to be perfect – just make a note and let The Diamond store know when you’re placing an order with them.

The Diamond Store – Kisses Ring: Detail

The ‘Kisses Ring’ is actually described on The Diamond Store as the pave diamond ring featuring kisses and as mentioned above, the ‘X’ symbolises kisses. Something which is used (and known) around the world.

Whether it’s a treat for yourself, a gift you’re giving to a family member or friend, thanks to it’s design, it’s something you can wear on every occasion. Wear it alone, stacked or teamed up with other rings for an edgier look – no matter how you wear it, this will look beautiful.

I always love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this lovely ring in the comments section below.

Layla x

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