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The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review

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The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – You all know that I’m a fan of The Body Shop, they have such a variety of products and are always adding more lovely products their ever-growing ranges!

The latest item that I’m going to writing about is The Body Shop Wild Argain Radiant Oil Review which I think is going to be a must-have this summer as it’s a multi-use product and smells absolutely AMAZING!

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – Packaging

This comes packaged in a plastic bottle – it’s sleek and in true Body Shop style has the main ingredients featured on the front.

I love the simplicity of their products and feel like they do stand out compared to other brands on the market which is always great!

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – Applicator

I will admit – I had a silly moment when I first used this….I thought it was a pump applicator like the ones used for night serums but it’s actually a spray applicator system!

I wouldn’t have put a spray applicator with an oil but there are reasons for it and it does work! 🙂

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – Scent 

Oh my gosh – this smells incredible!

It’s a really lovely sweet scent however it’s not at all overpowering!

Every time I use it I love the scent more and more – it’s perfect to use on the ends of your hair too so you just get bursts of the scent during the day – absolutely beautiful! 🙂

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – Texture

Yes – I am talking about the texture of an oil BUT stay with me on this haha!

There are so many oil/oil-based products on the market most of which feel incredibly greasy or heavy on the skin however this doesn’t! It feels quite rich and hydrating instead of heavy on the skin.

I love using this on my arms and legs after a shower – within minutes it’s been absorbed by my skin leaving it super-soft and smooth!

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – How to Use

Like I’ve mentioned above this is a multi-use product which is great when it comes to holidays and packing (post on this soon) as it can be used on your hair and body but below I’ve listed a couple more ways to use this! 🙂

Face – There has been a few times when I’ve been a little bit lazy with my skincare so I added a couple of spritz’s of this oil onto a cotton pad and wiped it over my face – it helps to remove last traces of makeup plus it hydrates!

Hair – I tend to use 1-2 spritz’s of this after a shower and on wet hair….what I will recommend is spraying it into the palm of your hands and scrunching onto the ends of your hair working towards the mid-length.
I once sprayed it directly onto my hair and had to wash it as it was too much!

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Body – I find this is absorbed by skin better after a shower and keeps skin smooth for days without the need to re-apply meaning it’s a product that will last you for quite some time!

Bath – Sometimes when I want to pamper myself I’ll add 3-4 spritz’s into warm running water – this will just add another ingredient to your bath so your skin will feel nourished, hydrated and soft plus it smells lovely!! 🙂

The Body Shop Wild Argan Radiant Oil Review – Overall

I really like this product and recommend it to all of you lovely readers!

I think it’ll be perfect for the summer months on the way as it can be used on your hair to hydrated and protect, on your body and on your skin too!

TipYou could also use this in the summer months on your legs for a healthy glow instead of using shimmer-based products…

The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil Review – Purchase 

Click The Body Shop Wild Argan Oil to view/purchase the product online and you can also visit The Body Shop homepage to see all the new ranges and products.

Let me know what you think – have you used this or got your eye on it??

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    • Thank you so, so much!! It’s a shame that it didn’t work entirely for you – try using it after a shower yes…it will absorb quicker but your skin should feel extremely smooth! Also trying following up with a body lotion or butter to ‘lock’ in moisture! 🙂 xxx

  • I’ve tried the Argan Oil scrub from The Body Shop and loved it, so I really like the sound of this. I wouldn’t expect the spray applicator either, but I can see the sense of it when it comes to distributing the product. x

    Kate Louise Blogs

    • I haven’t tried the scrub – it’s definitely on my list of things to try haha! This is gorgeous, if you love the scrub then I think you’ll love this too! It’s weird being a spray but I do understand why it’s like that! 🙂 xxx

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