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Summer Travel Essentials – Minimal

Summer Travel Essentials – Minimal


Summer Travel Essentials - MinimalSummer Travel Essentials - Minimal

Summer Travel Essentials – Minimal

With many people jetting off to some hot location I’ve decided to write up a post about my summer travel essentials, in the winter I use a lot more but in the warmer weather I take away less and wear less make-up to let my skin ‘breathe’ and rejuvenate.


OK, so it might not be considered an ‘essential’ to everyone but to us beauty and fashion bloggers magazines are filled with so much inspiration, tips and just flicking through all the glossy, colour-filled pages is fun for when you’re relaxing on the beach or on the plane.

BB Cream

A BB cream is great for the summer as it’s light enough on the skin and provides the perfect amount of coverage for blemish-free skin.

My favourite BB Cream is from The Body Shop but I also like Essence too as it gives skin quite a nice glow.


Out of all my beauty products this is my main ‘essential’ and if someone was to ask me what make-up product I can’t live without, it would definitely be mascara. Look for a thickening and lengthening mascara and always use black for extra definition!


This is my second main ‘essential’ as it’s such a wonderful product to use, line on the upper lash line during the day and for the evening line the lower lash line and smudge in the corners for an easy smoky eye.

Compact Power

Another lovely product to use in the warmer months, I use this when on the plane before landing as it just gives my skin a lovely matte look and provides a small amount of coverage too.

Glossy Lipbalm

Lipgloss sometimes doesn’t nourish lips and overall I tend to use lightweight lip products. A glossy lip balm is wonderful as it has the look of a lipgloss yet nourishes and softens your lips PLUS it adds a touch of colour which will give your face a healthy glow.

Hair Brush

OK, so when I straighten my hair I use a hair brush during the day too BUT 9 times out of 10 I leave my hair curly and I’m sure all the curly-haired girls will agree that using a hairbrush will make your curls go afro however I always have a hair brush with me just in case there’s an ’emergency’ and a hairbrush is needed haha!

I quite like these hairbrushes as they’re compact and perfect for your handbag.

Hand Cleansing Gel

OK finally we have this wonder product and I think it’s just common sense to have an antibacterial hand gel in your bag ALL THE TIME and not just when travelling.

See Also

Perfect to use everyday and especially when travelling as it’ll make you feel cleaner too – when I’m not wearing make-up this also works quite nicely on a cotton pad to smooth over skin to refresh.


Always, always, always pack water and a face cream too when traveling.

Water will make you feel better especially when travelling as it’ll keep hydration levels normal and in turn make your skin look good too.

Using a face cream will add that extra moisture which is lost when travelling but it’ll also give your skin a healthy glow and not look as dull – sometimes skin tends to look tired and this will help.

So, let me know what YOUR travel essentials are – are you minimalist like me in the summer or do you pack way more?

Layla xx

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