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Summer Nails – Topshop & W7 Polish – Pink & Green!

Summer Nails – Topshop & W7 Polish – Pink & Green!

It’s been a while since I’ve written about nail polishes and a couple of weeks ago I showed you some of the lovely items which had been sent to me from Topshop!
Only recently did I find out that they had a beauty range (where have I been living) so it was a pleasure to receive some products and review them on here for you lovely readers!
We’ve been having strange weather here in the UK to say the least….one minute it’s nice and sunny, the next it’s raining and cloudy BUT one thing which makes me happy is the fact we can experiment with your make-up and nails!
So, last week I thought I’m going to have fun and wear the green nail polish I’d been sent but wanted to give it a twist so I decided to go for the ‘ring finger‘ trend and used a clashing neon pink against the green.
I love pink and green, blue and yellow, red and white etc…it’s just nice to mix up colours and go a bit mad from time to time and seeing as I had some down time I thought I’d go for it!
So here is a mini-review of the topshop nail polish rolled into one!
What’s the brush like?
I like the applicator…it’s quite a decent brush for this nail polish and it was easy to apply!
How many coats have you used in the picture?
I used 3 coats to get the colour in the picture!
Does it dry quickly?
…..not too quickly, about 15 minutes for me to be able to do things normally again!
I won’t carry on much more as this isn’t my full review on the product….I just want to show you the colours hahahaha!
What nail polish colours do you like wearing??
Do you like experimenting with your makeup and nail colours?
Let me know!
Layla xxx
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