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Fashion, Jewellery and Home Collections To Look Out For

Fashion, Jewellery and Home Collections To Look Out For


#SS19 Fashion, Jewellery and Home / Interior Collections To Look Out For

Written By: Layla

Location: London, United Kingdom

A little glimpse at what's to come from Spring Summer 2019 - sharing some collections from brands like Gaia & Terra, Lavender & Lillie and an exclusive feature from You Mawo - an eyewear brand unlike any other!

#SS19 Collections To Look Out For

Even though it's November and what we call 'party-season', it's also the time of year when brands start showcasing their collections for Spring / Summer 2019.

Last week, I attended an exclusive event in London to view some of the new collections from brands such as Joules, Marc Cain, Gaia & Terra, Lavender & Lillie, ASH Footwear and many more...

Below, you'll also be able to see something really exciting from You Mawo Eyewear with their 3D Scanning - it's completely unique and you're going to love to it!

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#SS19 Joseph Ribkoff

Take a look at the picture here on the left and you can see some beautiful denim pieces which will be perfect for Spring / Summer 2019!

The first denim jacket features a beautiful embossed design in a contrasting (and extremely pretty) shade of red to really make your look unique.

As you can see in my vlog - at the back of this selection, you'll also see some sparkly denim pieces. Again, they're absolutely beautiful and perfect for Spring / Summer - I'd style the pieces with casual tees and flats for an effortless look.


#SS19 Gaia & Terra Jewellery

This is a jewellery brand which you need to look out for!

Gaia & Terry are considered as one of the go-to British jewellery brands, offering unique yet beautiful statement pieces.

Taking inspiration from nature and different life forms, you'll be able to see that every piece has been designed in an extremely beautiful way - detailing on each item without being over-the-top.

I have to say, the pieces look even more beautiful in person as this is where you can admire the detail and design.

Personally, I loved the collection as it really has a 'Greek Goddess' vibe - this is perfect for Spring / Summer and I can really imagine the pieces being a hit with magazines, bloggers, influencers - you name it!

If you're on the lookout for a new jewellery brand, make sure you visit Gaia & Terra - you won't be disappointed and I'm sure there's a lot to come from them as a brand.

An extra note - the pieces are all really versatile and can be worn alone or stacked so you can get creative when styling your looks.


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OK, this is something you NEED to make a note of as you haven't seen anything like it - bespoke 3D printed eyewear!

That's right! You Mawo is an eyewear brand offering both prescription and non-prescription eyewear - glasses and sunglasses.

So, what makes the brand different? Everything! They make glasses and sunglasses which have been tailor-made to suit YOU.

Scanning your face with the newest 3D technology, the platform takes your measurements which are then sent straight to the brand in Germany.

This is where your glasses / sunglasses are made, using all the measurements to make sure the glasses will suit you and your size so they look and feel perfect.

 3D Scan - Scanning your face wth 3D infrared technology.

Tailored For You - On the basis of your face scan, the frame is individually made for you.

Production in Germany - Using the highest quality, the glasses are produced with the most advanced technologies.

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Lavender & Lillie

Now, we're moving onto home decor / interior accessories.

Here, we have Lavender & Lillie, a home fragrance and cosmetics company bringing you high-quality items for you and your home.

What makes the brand stand out is both their packaging and their lovely products which have been made using high-quality ingredients to bring a touch of luxury to your home.

Take a look at the packaging and design of the products and you'll see that the brand uses illustrations, taking inspiration from places around the world.

For home fragrances and candles alike, you can see that the brand uses handmade porcelain containers. This in itself provides your home with a touch of luxury....

Not only that, if you look at the lids on certain products, you can see there's lilies on top - again, these are handcrafted to bring you something unique and this is what Lavender & Lillie do best - they bring you high-quality items.

Absolutely gorgeous and for me, it's the little things like this which make a difference.


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I'd love to know what you all think so make sure you let me know if any of the brands has caught your eye and what you think of the collections!

Don't forget - you can subscribe to my YouTube channel to see my weekly Vlogs! A new one will be online this evening 🙂

Hope you all have a lovely start to the week!

x x

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