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SOAP&GLORY: Thick and Fast Mascara Review

SOAP&GLORY: Thick and Fast Mascara Review

Well it’s Monday again and lately I cannot believe how quickly the time is flying by….before we know it we’ll be back shopping for Christmas presents!!!
Anyway coming back to today I will be writing  review on Soap&Glory’s Thick and Fast Mascara!
Before I start my review I want to say thankyou to Soap&Glory for sending me these products, i’m sure all you lovely readers and followers will love it! 
The main thing I love about Soap&Glory is the packaging….my mum’s not a fan of it but I love the old-style and quirky comments made. 
It never fails to make me laugh which is wonderful for a products as it instantly stands out from the crowd and I’m sure that’s why they have a BIIIIIG following!
Totally girlie and wonderful it looks gorgeous amongst other beauty products, in your kit, in your bag or on your vanity table!
The instructions always make me laugh with the sarcastic comments. 
Mega pick-me up if you’re having a bad day….just read Soap&Glory packages!
You can see on the side of the pack the eyes which I wanted to take a picture of me holding it over my eyes but it looked really freaky so thought not to hahaha!
The first day this came through I was really looking forward to trying it and after hearing lots of wonderful reviews wondered if it is actually as good as people say.
I applied it and really liked the look although my lashes were not as thick as I would have liked. I applied another 2-3 coats and started seeing wonderful results!
 My lashes looked lovley and thick, without clumps and really long but (for those of you who know me) it still didn’t beat the YSL faux cils effet mascara (which is my all-time fave) but it is VERY close to it!!
I always look at the wands of a mascara because that really makes the difference and pictured below you can see how thick the wand is. 
As you can see it’s thick which means it combs through lashes and evenly coats them which leaves you with wonderful results!! 🙂
Bonus points to Soap&Glory!!

I would definitely recommend it to anyone whowants lovely lashes quickly. If you like the false lash look or REALLY thick lashes then this won’t work for you.
If you like your eyelashes to look dramatic but not over-the-top then definitely try it!
You don’t need to re-apply throughout the day as it lasts and as it says on the pack doesn’t flake!! Yaaaay! 
You can buy this for £10.00 from BOOTS or SOAP&GLORY website which I have listed.
Here: http://www.soapandglory.com/
For more info make sure you like SOAP&GLORY by clicking FACEBOOK
On their facebook page you can see what they get up to in the labs, new launches and other info!!
Have you tried this mascara?? Do you love or hate??
Make sure you check back in the next few days as I have some more wonderful reviews coming!! 🙂
Make sure you like my *FACEBOOK* and follow me on *TWITTER*
(We have the contest on there!)
Lots of love from me!
Layla xxx
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  • i wish I knew how to apply makeup but sadly i grew up with all boys and being girlie eludes me. maybe one day we will meet and you can teach me.

    • Becca, it’s funny you should comment this as I have had a lot of emails asking me whether I will be doing any tutorials and I’ve been thinking about it!

      Tell me if there’s something specific you want to learn!

      I’ll tweet you too! 🙂 xx

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