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Soap&Glory: Kick Ass Concealer Review

Soap&Glory: Kick Ass Concealer Review

Hello all you lovely readers!! Are you having a good weekend??
Here in the UK a lot of us will be having another rest day tomorrow because it’s bank holiday…I won’t be though as I have too much work and too many emails to look through and reply to hahaha (I LOVE it though!)
I promised another Soap&Glory review in the next few days and it’s here!! Yes I will be writing my review about Soap&Glory’s 3-piece Kick Ass Concealer!!! (Don’t you love the name!
Before I even start my review I will say that this is one of the BEST concealers I have EVER tried! Seriously…it’s THAT good!
As I mentioned in my previous review I love the packaging…it looks lovely on your vanity table, make-up kit, bag…anywhere…it just looks pretty and that’s something we all love!
Once I received my wonderfully presented parcel I dived right in like a child opening presents on Christmas day…oohing and ahhhing as I looked at the products. (Seriously, I’m like a child ha!
Soap&Glory Kick Ass Concealer! It really does Kick Ass!!

Kick Ass Concealer shade- Medium
Back/Ingredients side of Kick Ass Concealer
Once you open up the little box (pictured above) you’re presented with a chunky tub with more wonderful packaging!
Kick Ass Conclear tub
The thing that I really liked about the concealer packaging which is extremely rare to find with other brands is that you have little step-by-step instructions for what each concealer does and little tips on how to apply it which is really helpful if you’re just starting out with make-up!
Step 1 
Step 1 is the under eye concealer on the left side. 
It’s wonderfully creamy and soft in texture so be careful with it because you could end up with a little dip in it if you press it haha!
Step 2
Step 2 is the face concealer which is slightly darker tone as it’s used on the face. It’s creamy but not as soft as the under eye concealer so you can be firmer with it.
Step 3
Step 3 is the setting powder which you apply once you’re happy with your concealer. It comes with a mini puff sponge which is so cute!
3 Steps: Kick Ass Concealer
Next thing was to try this concealer. I cleansed my face, applied my moisturiser and then applied my face primer, letting it sink into the skin for a few minutes. 
Once I was happy I started to apply a little bit of the under eye concealer. You can use your ring finger or a concealer brush (whatever suits you) and started to apply it gently under the eye area.
I love the feeling, it’s so creamy and blends into the skin leaving you with an almost airbrushed look. 
I don’t have really dark eyes but I used it on a client of mine who has really dark bags and it covered hers perfectly!!
Once I was happy with my under eye area I then decided to hide a little scar I have on my cheek. It made it disappear and yet it looked SO natural! I was falling in love!!

Oh I forgot to mention that there’s also a little compact mirror too so if you don’t have time to do your concealer in the morning or just want to check your make-up throughout the day then you can keep this in your handbag! 🙂

Mirror in the Kick Ass Concealer
Once I was happy with the concealer I then used the setting powder which is oh-so cute! You only need a little bit of this setting powder and then this will NOT come off! 
At the end of a very long day I purposely splashed my face with water and it didn’t really budge! 
I had to cleanse my skin with my own (LaylaDNaturalBeauty) face cleanser and then it came off!
If I had to give this a mark out of 10 it’s definitely a 10/10! 
I have never given anything other than my favourite mascara a 10 so this is right at the top of my must-have kit!
 I will also be adding it to my must-have’s on here.
Kick Ass Concealer Swatches
Above you can see the swatches of each shade and the steps. You can see the eye concealer is a light shade and that’s because there’s particles which brighten the under eye area! (We all love brightening our eyes!)

Anything on the face tends to be a darker shade as it’s meant to warm the skin which leaves you looking healthy and let’s be honest, we all want to look healthier!! 😉
Sometime next week I will be doing a LIVE tutorial on Ustream for simple make-up and will be using this so you can see a LIVE demonstration of it too! 🙂
Make sure you all click  Soap&Glory to be directed to their website for their latest product launches and to buy this direct from them for £10 which is a bargain for how well it works and how lovely it makes your skin look!!!
Or you can go to your local Boots store and buy it from there! 🙂
Have you tried this?? What do you think??
Love or Hate??
Let me know!! I want to hear from all you lovely people!!! 🙂
Layla xxx
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  • I’m currently using it and am not too impressed.

    The concealer doesn’t seem to stay.
    Do you think i should be a little more generous with the setting powder?

    • Hello, thank you for taking the time to comment! Obviously people will agree and disagree and different products work for different people.

      What I would suggest is to make sure you apply a primer before applying make-up which helps keep make-up on all day.

      Then apply your concealer using your ring finger or a concealer brush and dab it on gently, almost pressing it into the skin don’t drag it.

      Then dab on some of the setting powder!

      I will be doing LIVE ustrean make-up tutorials and I will be showing how to apply this and what other uses this provides!
      If you want to subscribe here is there link:

      Or you can subscribe to my new youtube channel:

      Hopefully see you somewhere soon! If you have any other questions please let me know and I’ll be more than happy to help 🙂 xx

    • Yes you’re a quick learner! It’s for covering imperfections, blemishes and evens out your skin tone!! I will be showing you wonderful tips and tricks on Ustream LIVE next week when we have some more subscribers! 🙂 xxx

    • Aww thank you very much!! It’s a lovely concealer and I’ve given it 10/10 because it really is that good! I’ve only given one other thing 10/10 and that’s my have mascara!!
      Hope you’re well xxxx

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