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SOAP&GLORY Smoulder kohl eye pencil review!

SOAP&GLORY Smoulder kohl eye pencil review!

Hey everyone! I hope you’ve all had a lovely relaxing weekend!
I have been spending some time with my little nephew and celebrated my wonderful brother’s birthday yesterday! 
Today (Sunday) I have been getting into work mode again but checking through my emails…I’ve had quite a few random questions and I’ll be tweeting the answer to my favourite question tomorrow.
The question is ‘Tell us one thing not that many people know about you!’ 
So tomorrow I’ll be telling you haha! 🙂
Back to the main point I will be writing about Soap& Glory’s Smoulder Kohl Pencil!
Up till now I have been a MASSIVE fan of MAC’s pencil in ‘smoulder’ BUT that has been pushed to one side by this little beauty!
Everyone who knows me well knows I cannot live without eye pencil. It’s a must have….it’s like a staple in my make-up kit, make-up bag and make-up table and I’m rarely seen without eyeliner!
I love the versatility…a simple line along the lash line to make eyes look bigger, a sexy flick at the end teamed with red lipstick for that vintage hollywood glamour look, lined and smudged for the smoky effect…the list is endless and I think it’s a MUST for EVERY girl to have a black eye pencil in her kit!
When the wonderfully girlie package from Soap&Glory came through I was so excited and when my eyes fell upon the eye pencil I was like a child that got what they wanted for Christmas!
The one thing I love about this pencil that is extremely useful for girls on the go is the sharpener built into the lid! It’s brilliant because I always lose sharpeners and end up buying one each time and it’ll come to the day that I’ll end up finding 5 in the same place but with this you CAN’T lose it…it’s on the lid haha!
Sharpener on Soap&Glory Smoulder Pencil!
All you need to do is pull the little lid that covers the sharpener and you’re good to go!
The pencil is sharpened for you so you don’t really need to use it for the first few times but I don’t like to have a really sharp pencil. 
I prefer mine to be on the blunt-ish side as I find that:
1. You don’t stab yourself in the eye!
2. It’s smooth which means you won’t irritate the eye.
3. You get a smokier effect!
Not too sharp not too blunt! How sharp to have your eye pencil! 
As I’ve mentioned above the effects are endless!
For a simple line just draw a delicate line along the top eyelash line, don’t do it all in one go, just line bit by bit and if it ends up a little messy just smudge it with your ring finger and coat your lashes in mascara!
For a little flick at the end line your lashes like I’ve mentioned above and when you get to the end either extend it to the length you’re happy or pull it up slightly at a little angle.
For a sexy smoky effect line your eyes, it doesn’t have to be perfect, now using either your ring finger or a smudger go over the line as if you’re blending it into the lash line and pull it out at the end.
On your lower lashes using the smudger do the same and you should get a smoky effect. Coat lashes in 2-3 coats of mascara for that sexy smoky look!
TIP: Add a pop of highlighter on the arches of your brow which will make your eyes look bigger!
Simple eyeliner
As you can see in the picture above it’s a really simple, easy look thats perfect for day and (with a touch more eyeliner) night! 
I’ve just lined the top and lower lashes and then applied 2 coats of mascara on top and 1 on the bottom!
What I’m wearing:
-Revlon photo finish foundation (Face)
-Laura Geller Bronzer
-Virgin Vie Blusher
-Thick & Fast Mascara Soap&Glory 
-Smoulder Kohl Pencil 
-Smashbox Lipgloss 
Soap&Glory Smoulder Kohl Close up
Just a little close up so you can see Smoulder Kohl in action! 
A simple line on the top and bottom lashes and mascara! (yes they’re my lashes lol
You can create this look in minutes! It’s so easy and it looks gorgeous!
Perfect for the daytime at work and if you know you’re going out after take the pencil with you, line it a little bit more and smudge it! Instant Glamour!! 🙂
Smoky eyeliner and mascara simple make-up look!
And another close up….a close up of a close up if you like haha!
Here you can see the simple line and I’ve just smudged it slightly at the ends but for a night/evening out look I would have applied more liner and smudged it a lot more!
As you can see I love this eye pencil! You get a little play time with it before it becomes waterproof so try and create the looks you want quickly because once it ‘sets’ it’s done!
The liner I had on my hand (in the picture at the top) didn’t come off when I used water, I had to use Fairy liquid or my cleanser and then it came off so this would be good in the gym and if you’re watching a sad film!

This is now my new FAVOURITE pencil! I am so happy with it and I do believe anyone who loves eyeliners should definitely try this!
If you’re a fan of MAC’s Smoulder please try this! I didn’t want to change my eyeliner but I’ll tell you one thing MAC’s smoulder pencil no longer exists for me this has totally taken over!
I just want to say THANKYOU to SOAP&GLORY for sending me these gorgeous products to review! 
I’ll be getting the next few reviews done in the next couple of weeks so make sure you all check back! 🙂
To buy this or any of Soap&Glory’s products make sure you check out http://www.soapandglory.com/
You can buy this in the UK from their website (link above) for just £5!!!!! 

As always I want to hear your thoughts!! Have you tried this beautiful pencil? 
Love Soap&Glory? Whats your favourite product from the range??
I want to hear from YOU! Yes YOU reading this post! 🙂
Lots of love and goodnight from me! 
Layla xxxx
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Mwah! xoxoxoxoxox
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  • first you have gorgeous eyes and second you make this sound easy to do yet I have a feeling I could totally mess this up and have a black eye instead but I am seriously thinking of getting some cheap makeup to practice with first.

    • Aww thank you very much! 🙂

      All you need to do is take it easy and take baby steps!
      I wouldn’t recommend cheaper make-up as sometimes it’s harder to work with and you end up getting the wrong look!
      I’m not saying go and spend a fortune on new make-up just some simple pieces you can use for different things! xxxx

    • Hey Thank you! 🙂
      Oh you should definitely try at least one of their products! Try an eyeliner as you can create so many different looks with one product! A simple line and flick, smudged for a smoky effect…you know what I mean haha 🙂 x

    • Hey Jo-Anne! I hope you’re well 🙂
      Eyeliner is one of those things thats simple to use and can create so many different looks!
      if your daughters love Eyeliner then they should definitely try this! 🙂 x

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