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Soap&Glory Face Soap cleanser review!!

Soap&Glory Face Soap cleanser review!!

Hello everyone….well as mentioned in my previous post I am going to be writing about the Soap&Glory Cleanser I bought approx a month ago!
The reason I’ve left it that long to write a post is because I wanted to see the full benefits of what it would do to my skin and how my skin would react to it to give you a proper review.
Soap&Glory cleanser
I liked the look of this when I was looking at it in Boots and what attracted me to it and made me look at it twice was the little pink exfoliating beads, the superfruit plum ingredient and that it says it’s a ‘skin brightener’.
Closeup of the Soap&Glory cleanser.
Later in the evening I wanted to try the products I bought, following the instructions (I never normally follow them but thought I would for a change) I used a pea-sized amount with a little bit of water and cleansed my face.
I loved the feeling of this product on my skin, it tingled slightly and felt really refreshing!
The smell was delicious too, it was a fruity, minty smell….you might be sat there thinking ewwww that sounds horrible but it really isn’t! 🙂
The little pink exfoliating beads.
If you look closely in the picture above you can see the pink exfoliating beads in the cleanser.
Once I had cleansed and rinsed my skin I looked in the mirror and my skin looked brighter and cleaner and felt really smooth but slightly dry so I used some of my Marks & Spencer moisturiser for sensitive skin. 
I use moisturizer for sensitive skin because I find it works better on my skin, it doesn’t leave my skin oily and it doesn’t make me break out whereas when I use a normal moisturizer my skinhas more shine and doesn’t feel right.
After a few days of using this product day and night my skin became really dry and tight so I thought I would stop using it until my skin was back to normal, now I only use it once or twice a week maximum and find it works better for me. 
If you have dry skin I wouldn’t recommend this product for you as it would make your skin worse.
If you have oily/combination skin I would say use it 2-3 times a week focusing on the t-zone and around the nose are or where you tend to get more shine.
If you have normal/sensitive skin  would say use this 1-2 a week maximum to get clear, brighter skin but use a moisturizer afterwards to avoid your skin getting dry and tight.
I would give this a 6/10 because it does make your skin look and feel brighter but you cannot use this daily (as it says on the packet) as your skin will end up feeling dry and tight.
Let me know if you have used this product and what you think of it… do you love it, hate it or think it’s just OK?
Have you tried any other Soap&Glory skincare products??? Tell me….I love reading your comments and replying 🙂
I have a few more Soap&Glory products to write about and the next post will be about the No Pores Allowed face mask!
There’s one product I haven’t mentioned on here that I’m really looking forward to write about as it’s my new beauty must-have so make sure you check back soon! 🙂
If you have any questions you can comment on here, send me a message on twitter @layladorsi or comment on the facebook page!
Layla xxx
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