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Soap&Glory Deep pore cleansing heat activated mask review!

Soap&Glory Deep pore cleansing heat activated mask review!

Hello everyone!!
I’ve decided to try a new font for this post to see if you like it or if you prefer the other one I was normally writing with so make sure you comment below and let me know!
As some of you may have read the post about Soap&Glory cleanser I decided I would follow it up with the next product I bought at the same time which was the Deep Pore Cleansing Mask!
Soap&Glory Box, Mask & The Free Sponge!!!
I liked the sound of it as soon as I read the box….it sounded quite cool and the fact it ‘Changes colour when activated’ made me want to buy it just to see my face turn blue like a smurf!
Once I returned home sweet home I cleansed my face with the Cleanser (Previous Post) and then applied this with so much joy and anxiety to see it change colour…..(I know…I’m sad)
Nothing happened…I was so annoyed that Nothing had happened…I applied water and again nothing, I removed it with the free sponge that came with it and saw one little blue streak which to be quite honest you needed glasses with 1000x zoom to see!
I applied it again on dry skin and again nothing happened!
This was a major let down for me as I wanted to see the mask turn blue as it said on the packet but leaving that matter to one side I’ll carry on with the rest of the review.
The feeling of this on my skin was beautiful, it heated and tingled slightly upon contact but it felt good, it dries straight away so there isn’t any worrying that it’ll ruin your t-shirt.
I left it on for about 5 full minutes and removed it with the free pink sponge and my skin felt smoother, nothing dramatic but my skin did look healthier.
If I had to give this a mark out of 10 I would be giving it a 5/10 purely because it didn’t change colour as it said on the box, I only saw 3 streaks of blue on my skin when I was removing it but it does leave your skin smooth and feels lovely when it heats up.
The exfoliating beads did make my skin sore and red around the chin area and that is why I wouldn’t recommend this for anyone with sensitive skin but as I say in my other posts I am only expressing my opinion and knowledge but if you would like to try it I am not here to stop you! 🙂
Maybe you have tried this and loved it! If so let me know…I want to hear from you!!! 🙂
I’ll hopefully be doing another post with a photo of my New Year’s Nails….I can assure you there will be sparkle so make sure you come back and have a little read!!!! 🙂
Layla xxx
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