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BarryM Glitter Nail Polish Review!!

BarryM Glitter Nail Polish Review!!

Hello everyone!! hope you’re all having a lovely weekend! 
I am very proud to say that the BarryM Glittery nail polish review is finally here!!
BarryM glitter nail polish
Well I absolutely LOVE this colour…it’s gorgeous, bright and really fun to wear! It makes silver jewellery stand out…actually let me re-phrase that, this nail polish brings an outfit together, it’s brilliant!!

If you do buy glitter nail polish from BarryM and find that it’s coming off, flaking throughout the day make sure you have applied a top coat, not a thin coat but a thick coat (where you can actually see the drop on the brush). 
Yes it takes longer to dry but once you’ve applied top coat this will not budge!!

I tried to remove it this afternoon and I ended up going through half a packet of cotton wool pads and 1/3 of a bottle of nail polish remover!!
One tip I will give you is if you can’t remove it with the cotton wool pads and remover soak your fingers in a bowl of lukewarm/hot slightly soapy water. 
 This will soften the glitter polish and should help you remove it easier.

I tried this without top coat the first few times I used it to see how long it would last and found that it flaked during the first day sometimes even the first few hours of wearing it but once you apply a top coat (as i’ve mentioned above) it does NOT come off easily so definitely wear a top coat.
Application isn’t the easiest thing either and I’ve found that you can’t really apply it like normal nail polish, you have to apply it as I’ve said to apply the top coat, you need to see the drop of polish on the brush and then apply/dab it on to get a smooth even finish…..otherwise it’ll end up looking streaky which isn’t good!
Let me know if you’ve tried glitter polishes and what you think….which brand is your favourite and what colours do you like?? 🙂

Layla xx
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    • Thank you for commenting Sandra…I’m glad you like the colour and the review!! 🙂
      It is a wonderful colour and brightens up your mood instantly….I also like the red colour but I would wear it more during the Christmas months! xxx

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