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Soap & Glory ‘Motherpucker Lipgloss’ Review!

Soap & Glory ‘Motherpucker Lipgloss’ Review!

Ta Dah!!!
It’s here! Yes the review is finally here!! Weeks of my camera playing up and being busy with the skincare range I have finally managed to take the photos (from my phone) and re-write the review!
Before I start I would just like to say a HUGE thank you to Soap&Glory for being so wonderful and sending me these gorgeous products to review! 
I love them all and will definitely be purchasing them when they run out! 
Now the Motherpucker lipgloss is one of the products I was most looking forward to reviewing! I loved the name and loved the colour instantly when I saw it and knew it was going to be good!
Soap & Glory Motherpucker lipgloss review
I love ALL Soap&Glory packaging and this is no exception! I love how it catches your eye instantly and it’s kinda old meets new! (the vintage photos with the cool fonts and colours)
As I’ve mentioned in a previous post I love to keep things in their original packaging and make sure everything looks new and lovely….yes weird but that’s me!
The colour I was sent by Soap & Glory was ‘Candy Gloss‘ such an adorable name!!!
It’s a pinky shimmer but I have found when you apply a tiny touch of concealer to your lips you get more of a nude colour with a touch of sparkle and when you don’t wear anything on your lips it turns a pinker colour with a little shimmer!
Both ways are gorgeous!!!
Reverse side of Motherpucker
Here you can see the back of Motherpucker.
 It gives you some simple instructions with the ingredients listed. You also get a little before and after section where you get a little explanation of how the lipgloss works!
Side packaging MotherPucker
I like being detailed with my reviews so I’ve taken a side pic of the box just so you can see what it’s like!
Colour all over! LOVE!!
Sexy Motherpucker Lipgloss
Taking the lipgloss out from the box it’s still very neatly presented so it doesn’t just drop out of the box!
The colour is really nice as you can see in the picture above but it’s not exactly the same when you wear it!
When I wore it for the first time my lips started to tingle right away! I’ve read a lot of reviews about people saying they didn’t like the feeling or it was ‘painful’ but I think that’s stupid!
This lipgloss tingles….it’s a lovely sensation as you feel like it’s working. It is NOT painful!
My lips did look plumper but it wasn’t dramatic like ‘Oh my gosh what did you do!?’
Candy Gloss Motherpucker review
The colour is Candy Gloss.…a lovely shimmery pink. As I mentioned above it comes out a very sheer pinky shimmer but if you apply a touch of concealer to your lips you get a nude shimmer so play around and have some fun mixing and matching colours!
I did take a picture of this colour on my hand but you can’t really see it well! 
Motherpucker Lipgloss
Here it looks extremely pale and just like a gloss but it has a subtle shimmer with a pinky tone to it!
I love this lipgloss and its something I would use for an evening out or if I want to wear a smokey eye during the day then this lipgloss mixed with a nude lipstick is what I would choose!
Sexy Motherpucker Soap & Glory Lipgloss review
The wand is like a lot of the lip glosses out there but I love the standard lipgloss wands. 
It’s easy to apply and doesn’t get messy! Perfect!!
Overall Verdict.
I love this lipgloss. I love the tingly feeling when you apply it as it feels like it’s working. 
It lasts a good few hours and even through my coffee which is wonderful!
One downside would be it is slightly on the sticky side so I did have to wear my hair in a ponytail the second time I wore this purely because of the weather!
Wind + Hair + Lipgloss = Not a good match!
I would mark this 8/10 as it does plump lips but nothing too dramatic. It also tingles which is good because you can feel it working.

The colour is lovely and this does last but if you’re looking for Angelina Jolie style lips then you may be a tad disappointed!
If you’re looking for a plumper look or a lovely lipgloss for the day/night out then this is right on the top of the list!
Make sure you check out Soap & Glory website by clicking —–> Here 
Have you tried this lipgloss? What do you think of it?? What’s your favourite colour?? Let me know!!!
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Goodnight and sweet dreams!
Layla xxx
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