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Rituals Shower Foam Review!

Rituals Shower Foam Review!

Goodmorning everyone!
 Well it’s very early morning here in the UK and I have the Olympic Ceremony on TV right now!
By the time I finish this post it may have finished too lol!
My favourite part about it was the Bond & Queen part…especially when the Queen ‘Jumped’ out of the helicopter….I don’t know why but I was in a fit of giggles!!!
This post is going to be slightly different to anything I’ve written before….it’s a beauty product but not make-up…it’s a shower gel/foam! 
The flame has just been lit and the firework display came on and all I can say is ‘WOW’ I am proud to be British after that! A lot of people doubted if we could hold it together but I think after this you can see we did 🙂 
Anyway back to the main point I will be writing about a company called Rituals
I got their box from ‘She Said Beauty‘ last month (June) and it was in my box.
Foam Show Gel Rituals Review
The first time I used it I really liked it but I used it mainly on my legs as a shaving cream as it’s extremely rich and leaves legs feeling perfectly smooth!
But the next time I showered I used it as a shower gel and I have to say it felt really nice and the smell is lovely and delicate. 
A little goes a very long way as you’ll see in the pictures below!
Rituals Foam Shower Wash Dispenser
You just press the pump a little bit and it comes out…don’t keep hold of it as you’ll get it all over you hahaha! 
Rituals Foam Shower Gel
It actually comes out clear but as soon as it hits your skin it turns white and starts to foam!
If you apply it to wet skin it foams even more!!
This little amount pictured above ended up like this when I rubbed it on the back of my hand……
Foam Party!!!!
Hahahahaha!! Foam party anyone!?
See a little of this product goes a veeeeeeery long way! 🙂
If you like using products that do 2-3 things at the same time then this is a product for you!
You can use it as a shower gel and shaving gel which doesn’t dry out the skin! 
It leaves your skin feeling nourished and smelling lovely!
The scent is Indian Rose and Almond Oil….you can’t really smell the sweetness of the almond but you can smell a delicate scent of rose….
I like this product and will continue to use it as it leaves my skin feeling really lovely!
If you would like to purchase this you can do so by clicking —-> HERE which will take you straight to the product and whats even better is that this is really affordable at £6.90
Let me know if you have tried this and what your thoughts have been on it!
This post is perfect as it’s summer and we want to keep our skin looking and smelling lovely 🙂
New post will be coming tomorrow!
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Layla xxxx
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