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Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event

Soap and Glory Blogger Event


Soap and Glory Blogger Event – Christmas – Scroll down for Greek


Soap and Glory is known for it’s yummy smelling products, sarcastic descriptions and cute packaging making it big in store and loved by beauty bloggers too.

I was invited to along to the Soap and Glory Blogger Event showcasing it’s Christmas gift sets and stocking fillers, this event is one of the biggest amongst beauty bloggers and I was extremely grateful to be invited.

About the Soap and Glory Blogger Event – Christmas

As I arrived to the Soap and Glory event room I was greeted by a waiter who was giving everyone pink champagne, very cute and very Soap and Glory!

Sometimes it can be a little overwhelming walking into a packed room but I was greeted by the wonderful Soap and Glory girls who I love, they took me round the room, showed me the new gifts set and talked me through all the products and best-sellers.

I was then asked if I would mind being filmed for Soap and Glory and of course I said yes! It’s always fun being filmed so we headed outside the event room where there was a little area with all the lights, microphones and camera.

I was asked what I like about Christmas, what my favourite Soap and Glory products are and what my go-to look is for Christmas….as soon as I have the video I’ll be sharing it with you! 🙂

After I had finished filming I went back into the event room and took photos of the gift sets and products, I also met some wonderful bloggers, Zoe from Face Value Blog, Dunya from Dearest Deer (I’m so sorry I forgot your name!) Kristabel from I want you to know and Olivia from What Olivia Did.

I had a really love time and love all the products, I was given a gorgeous goodie bag with a really fabulous gift set which will be online soon!

Let me know if you went to the event, what gift sets you’re looking forward to seeing and what your favourite Soap and Glory products are!

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Let me know!

Layla xxx



Soap and Glory

Το Soap and Glory ειναι γνωστο στην Αγγλια για την διαφορετικη του συσκευασια που θυμιζει παλιες ωραιες εποχες για την πολυ γλυκια του μυρωδια και οι οδηγιες χρησης ειναι γραμμενες με αστειο τροπο ετσι για ολους αυτους τους λογους και φυσικα για την καλη του ποιοτητα  εχει αποκτησει τους φανατικους του πελατες .

Την περασμενη εβδομαδα ειχα την χαρα να ειμαι καλεσμενη στο press event που ειχαν σε κεντρικο ξενοδοχειο του Λονδινου οπου παρουσιασαν τις Χριστουγενιατικες συσκευασιες και τα προιοντα που ερχονται πρωτα σε πωλησεις.

Οπως βλεπετε στις πιο πανω φωτογραφιες ηταν μια πολυ ομορφη εκδηλωση με εκπροσωπους απο περιοδικα μοδας και bloggers τραβηχτηκαν φωτογραφιες και ειχα την τιμη να ειμαι στο φιλμακι που γυριστηκε με την συνεντευξη που εδωσα.

Περιμενω με χαρα απο εσας να μου πειτε αν γνωριζετε την συγκεκριμενη μαρκα και τι γνωμη εχετε.

Φιλακια Layla

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