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Skincare Brand To Know: Bio-Extracts

Skincare Brand To Know: Bio-Extracts



Vegan? Yes! Paraben Free? Yes! Natural Ingredients?  Yes!

Bio-Extracts is a skincare brand that you need to know about - allowing you to tailor-make your own skincare solutions to suit the ever-changing needs of your skin.



Another day, another post!

It is the weekend after all and seeing as it's Sunday, its the perfect day to catch up with all the latest. 🙂

Today, I'm writing about a skincare brand which is relatively new to me, it's Bio-Extracts and it's a beauty brand with a difference - you don't want to miss this... 🙂

The Story of Bio-Extracts 

The founders of Bio-Extracts are a mother and daughter team who wanted to share their passion for science, skincare and love of nature.

Realising that one product cannot work for everyone and with the daily changes occurring to our skin, the duo decided to create a brand that will give people the opportunity to tailor-make their own, customisable skincare solution.


Bio-Extracts - Creams 

The Bio-Extracts Lamellar System™ is a system of natural ‘liquid crystals’ which are formulated to imitate the structure of our own skin.

This has been specially developed with Bio-Extracts and is included in ALL of the creams in the range -  Light, Normal and Rich.

Upon application, the pure botanical molecules work with your skin to 'lock in' the hydration, leaving your skin feeling refreshed, revitalised and rehydrated.

Bio-Extracts: The Creams 

As briefly mentioned above, the collection consists of 3 wonder-creams - each one targeting a certain skin-type and formulated to leave your skin feeling wonderful after the first use.

Light Bio-Extracts Moisturiser

This is the moisturiser that I've been using (see pictures) and also what I would recommend for most people as it's perfect for this time of year too due to the soothing properties.

It's a cream which the brand says is suitable for both oily and problematic skin - I'd also say combination skin too and it works to hydrate and nourish without an oily, greasy or heavy feeling as it's instantly absorbed by your skin.

Normal Bio-Extracts Moisturiser

This cream is suitable for both day and night.

The formulation for this cream has been developed with Argan Oil so is slightly heavier than the light cream which is featured above however it's a non-greasy, lightweight formulation.

Argan Oil is sometimes known as 'liquid gold' - this will leave your skin feeling silky-smooth and balanced.

Rich Bio-Extracts Moisturiser

A cream which has been specially developed and formulated for very dry and mature skin types.

Containing Cupuacu Butter, this doesn't feel heavy on your skin however it's great for taking away on your travels to ensure intense, long-lasting hydration.

Bio-Extracts Boosters

What are Bio-Extract Boosters? Think of them as super-chared serums that deliver active plant molecules in high-concentrations to work with and regulate cell life.


A lightweight formulation, this booster has been enriched of the fruit Evodia rutaecarpa which is widely used in South East China.

Pullunan - acts like a web over the skin to deliver and 'lock in' moisture, smoothing the appearance of your skin and giving you a beautiful glow.


Containing Hyaluronic Acid from the seed of Senna - this ensures your skin is hydrated and nourished all day long. Working on even the driest skin.

Redness Relief

Self-explanatory - in this booster a bio-extract from White Wallaba has been used which is known to reduce micro-inflammation in the skin whilst helping the skin's barrier.

Clean to Clear

The key ingredient in this booster is Willow Bark Extract which contains natural salicylic acid to stimulate, exfoliate and refresh your skin.

Helping to reduce breakouts, it naturally exfoliates your skin, clears pores and improves skin's texture.


An intensive booster with a blend of minerals all working together to strengthen your skin and helping reduce the signs of premature ageing.


A super-concentrated serum which has been developed to increase your skin's firmness for a more toned youthful appearance.


This booster has been formulated to adhere to the skin and boost hydration providing a lifting effect for plump, smooth skin.

Containing rich minerals, the blend will strengthen nerves and boost vitality.


A booster to condition your skin whilst helping with the appearance of ageing to reduce wrinkles and the loss of elasticity.

See Also

Pore Minimising

An amazing booster if you're looking to help with the appearance of pores.

Based on lentil bio-extract, this is rich in protein, fibre, iron and magnesium which all work together to tighten skin and smooth the texture.

Will also keep your skin nourished without any oil content making this great for blemish-prone skin.

Note - The tube can be taken out and twisted to 'lock' so it doesn't accidentally get pushed when in your beauty bag. 



How to use: Cream & Boosters 

So you might be reading this and thinking "OK, I like the sound of this but..... how do I use it?"

Bio-Extracts have created something truly unique, the airless jar dispenses a precise amount of moisturiser which can be used on it's own to hydrate your skin or together with the 'boosters'.

I personally use 2 pumps of the cream / moisturiser (1 pump of cream and 1 shot of booster shown in the picture) which covers my face and neck along with 1 or 2 'shots' of my selected booster depending on how my skin is feeling.

Some boosters can be worn in the morning however I prefer using them in the evening after having a shower and cleansing my skin as a 'pamper' treatment.

You'll be amazed at how healthy and hydrated your skin looks and feels PLUS the scent is incredible - it's definitely an "Ah, this is lovely" moment 🙂


Bio-Extracts: Airless Dispenser 

The cream applicator is something that needs to be mentioned - I've only seen this once before!

It's an airless dispenser and as you can see, in the centre there's a circle - by pushing down on either side, a precise amount of cream / moisturiser is released for you.

Keeping the product fresh and definitely a lot more hygienic.



Loving the products as much as me?

Take a look at the Bio-Extracts official website - this is where you'll be able to see all of the products along with details about the ingredients which are used.

Find out about their benefits, how they work with your skin and in which products you can find them!

Click BIO-EXTRACTS to visit the website.

Below, you can see more photos... 🙂

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