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Shoe Trends For 2019 – Some To Love and Some To AVOID

Shoe Trends For 2019 – Some To Love and Some To AVOID


Shoe Trends For 2019

Written By: Sprinkles of Style

As you may have seen, we're working on a few little updates for the website but fingers crossed, we'll be back to our blogging schedule and getting content online more often for you beautiful people!

To kick-start the trends this season, we're writing about some shoe trends you need to look out for in 2019 and some trends which you may want to avoid.... seriously!

Chunky Platform - Shoe Trends For 2019

This is a trend that many of us can get on board with! The good think about chunky platform heels is that they're a lot more comfortable than traditional strap heels due to the weight distribution and cushion which is in the shoe.

Take inspiration from these heels pictured on the right, this is something that Layla would love, and look around for unique styles, different colours / designs and sparkle. This gives your overall look a much more 'fashionista' vibe with very little effort as you can keep your outfit simple and classy in black with a pop of colour from your shoes.

Not a fan of different colours? Opt for one / two colours which will again give you that classy look with little effort.

In warmer months, you don't have to choose a closed toe - opt for an open-toe shoe which will again elevate your outfit. It's all about lovely accessories this year and shoes are a wonderful accessory for every outfit.

With Chunky Platform heels - they look great no matter the occasion. Keep things simple with classic colours and closed toes to work with your office / work outfit.

If you're happy to add more colour and eye-catching designs to your look then opt for lovely colours, sparkle and dress things up for evenings out.


(Faux) Feathered Shoes

OK, we know. This isn't something for everyone but depending on the style of shoe and how over-the-top the faux feathers are - it's a look which can work for many people.

Take a look at this picture here on the left, it's not as over-the-top as other designs which we've seen and believe us - it's that bad!

If you're on a budget, you can find some lovely options on the high-street and as we briefly mentioned above, depending on the style of shoe, it can be won as part of your office/work look.

Perhaps you're looking for a 'dressy' type of shoe - there's plenty of beautiful options out there where the strap heels are delicately lined with faux feathers.

For those of you who want to add more colour to your outfit - there's bold colours out there and plenty of designs to choose from so if this is your 'thing' then make sure you have fun.


THIS is the 'shoe' to miss - we don't understand it..... AT.ALL!

Sometimes, it's best to leave things as they are - shoes as shoes and socks and socks....


See Also


Square-Toe Shoes - Shoe Trends 2019

This is a very hit-and-miss trend but when it's done right, it's beautiful!

This all depends on the actual style of the square - there's elegant / classy designs like this shoe pictured on the left which has a delicate and very pretty look to it. Suitable for the office and also when teamed up with a dress for an evening out with friends.

Take a look in other fashion magazines and websites and you'll see other square-toe shoes which aren't as pretty or as delicate and whilst they're loved by others, we prefer this type of style.

Looking at the picture here on the left, there's a very 60's vibe to the heel - the strap around the ankle with the slight detailing, the size of heel and design overall makes us want to grab our shift dresses and eyeliner for a night out with friends.

You know we love reading all your comments so let us know what you think of these trends - have you spotted a design you love and what do you think about the trend to avoid?

Let us know!

The Sprinkles of Style Team

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