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Come With Me: Figleaves SS19 Press Event

Come With Me: Figleaves SS19 Press Event


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Figleaves SS19 Press Event

Written By: Layla

Hello to all you gorgeous readers! I hope you're well and having a lovely start to the week. As you'll be able to see, in the post you're all coming along to a recent press event I attended to view the Figleaves SS19 collection.

Take a look through the collection and you'll see beautiful styles, colours and unique prints - there's something for everyone and below, you can see all the details....

Figleaves SS19 Press Event - Designs

Okay, take a look at this picture here on the right and what do you see? Beautiful designs in lovely, flattering colours and prints.

That's right, Figleaves are a brand which have now come into their own. Over the past couple of years, the brand has constantly developed and grown - listening to their customers advice and feedback.

Now, when you look at their collection, you'll see that there's something for everyone - they keep every person in mind.

I noticed this more so at the press event and after looking round the pieces, I saw that every range within the collection had been designed to suit everyone - no matter your size, shape or age.

What you can see pictured is the collections more 'out there' designs - a lovely splash of colour complimenting the beautiful quality of the swimsuits themselves and in the background, you can also see a lovely dress. This can be worn alone as a lovely summer dress in the evening or styled over a swimsuit for an elegant summer look. 🙂

Throughout the collection, there's a variety of swimsuits, bikini's, tankini's and dresses - a true summer collection and what's even better?

The support! All the pieces are designed to support us - allowing us all to feel that much more confident on the beach and on our holidays, who doesn't love that?


Figleaves SS19 Press Event - Lingerie

Not only was there swimsuits at the Figleaves SS19 Press Event - there was also a variety of lingerie including this beautiful bralette!

Nowadays, fashion is ever-evolving and in the summer months we all want to feel as comfortable as possible and thanks to these lovely creations - it's easy to do so!

See Also

Think about it, wearing a lovely vest top with a low cut on either side - wear a lovely coloured lace bralette like the one featured here and it's an accessory in itself.

These are available in a variety of colours ranging from this beautiful lilac colour, pastel yellow, coral, pastel blue and more are being added to the collection due to the demand from customers.


Let me know what you all think about the Figleaves SS19 Press Event and the item within the collection. Have you spotted something you love?

If so, which pieces are your favourite?

x x

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