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Selfies – OK, so why am I actually writing about Selfies? I don’t even like them!

Being a fashion and beauty blogger means that I do sometimes need to take a selfie to show off a make-up product, share a look I’ve created and sometimes it’s just because of the location I’m in.

The only selfie that I’ve taken which I’ve actually liked is the one a lot of you may have seen on my Instagram page, taken whilst I was in Greece.

Let’s discuss, is there a perfect way to take a Selfie? Below are my tips….

Selfies – How to take a Selfie

* Lifts Arm

* Holds phone at arms length



(No Duckface included)

Hahahahaha – on a serious note, there are some people who claim that there are specific ‘angles‘  for capturing your best Selfie BUT I don’t really follow any of that.

I’d say that lighting is the most important factor and I think one of the reasons that my favourite Selfie worked is because of the beautiful, natural sunlight – it was taken just after noon and the sun was above and facing me giving me the right amount of exposure and a lovely glow….

For all of you that are interested, I’ve listed what I’m wearing below with all the links that you need to shop this look – I remember I wasn’t feeling too good that day so I wore an oversized t-shirt and my boyfriend jeans finished off with them cool colourful sunglasses! 🙂


What I’m Wearing 

See Also

Basic White Tee – H&M

Boyfriend Jeans – H&M


Camera Used for ‘Selfie’ – iPhone 6 Plus

Camera Used for photos – Nikon 

Ah, so let me know what you think of this post – is there something specific that you do for taking a selfie or are you like me, taking a few at a time and hoping for the best? 🙂


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