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Rimmel Match Perfection review.

Rimmel Match Perfection review.

Hello all you lovely readers… are you all?
Hope you all had a lovely weekend! The weather was horrible in London, all it did was rain, rain, rain and rain! My hair didn’t enjoy the weather either….it turned into a mini-afro!!!! (kind-of)

Getting back to the point I’ll be continuing my reviews of the Rimmel Products and today’s post is going to be about Rimmel match perfection liquid foundation colour is true nude #303.

Packaging / Bottle
I’m going to start with the packaging, it’s very similar, if not the same bottle as the Rimmel 25 hour foundation (the review can be seen on an older post I did a while back), just the writing is a different colour.
I think the blue writing looked lovely, I don’t think I’ve seen this shade of blue on another product before and it may sound weird but the colour gives a calming feel (I did say it might sound weird).

It took a few pumps to get the foundation out but after that it worked fine. One pump gives you enough for your cheek, chin and nose area so I would say use about 3 pumps for a natural/daytime look.
If you have blemishes or scars this foundation won’t cover them completely but it does give you a gorgeous, dewy, fresh look. It made my skin look so smooth even I was suprised.

I also used this on a client who wanted her make-up done for an event and she was impressed with how light this product felt so it’s not just me that likes it!

I love foundations that last all day and this definitely did. Returning home after a long day and catching a glimpse of yourself in the mirror with your skin still looking lovely really does boost your mood and confidence knowing you don’t have to re-touch your make-up throughout the day.

The other thing I would say is if you have oily skin or tend to get an oily T-zone throughout the day make sure you apply a light powder over this foundation.

Overall this foundation looks and feels lovely. If you want a natural look I would say go for this but if you have blemishes I would recommend Rimmel’s 25 hour foundation which covers better.

The thing I liked most about this foundation was how easily it blended with my skin, if you’re a person who doesn’t have time to sit down in front of the mirror in the mornings then this is for you. it doesn’t leave any lines or patches and my eyeshadow, blusher/bronzer blended perfectly.

The reason it feels so light on the skin is because of the Oxygen Compex in the product meaning it allows skin to breathe which also prevents breakouts!

I will mark it 9/10 as it lasts all day, gives your skin a lovely, healthy glow and feels like you’re wearing nothing.
The only reason I didn’t give it a 10/10 was because it didn’t have the ability to cover blemishes. It just blended with your skin when you put more on.

For £8.99 the price is really good for the quality you’re getting and the fact it should last you around 2-3 months.
The pump means no bacteria can get into the product making it hygenic….another bonus!

Well Rimmel, I really didn’t expect the foundation to be that good! I didnt think it would last all day or give me such a smooth finish but it did so that’s why I gave it 9/10.

You can also go onto Rimmel’s amazing website for more foundations and different products at:

And you can also find and ‘like’ them on facebook at:

Keep checking back for more reviews.
P.S:  I love reading and replying to your questions so thank you for taking the time to leave a comment.

Layla xx

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  • Hello, as mentioned in the post I woudn’t recommend this for blemishes/spots as it covers them only slightly but your skin on a whole has a lovely look.
    You would need to use a concealer on the areas you would want to hide as this foundation gives you a natural look with light coverage!
    Hope thats ok!
    Layla xx

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