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Rimmel GlamEyes trio review!!

Rimmel GlamEyes trio review!!

Hello again….I’m on a roll this week with my blog and am going to be writing about an eyeshadow for a change!!
It’s called GlamEyes and it’s a lovely eyeshadow trio made by Rimmel. The colour I will be writing about is #750 TEMPTING basically it’s a dark green (for a smokey effect) a cream (to blend with the dark green) and a white (corner of the eye, to open up eye to add a sparkle)

Front of Rimmel GlamEyes trio case.
I was looking forward to reviewing this product as soon as I looked at it and after reading the back had a big smile on my face as it says it compliments brown eyes…..bonus! ๐Ÿ™‚

Back of case with instructions and what eye colour it compliments!! ๐Ÿ™‚
The first day I used this I thought I would try a natural look as the day before I had more of a smokey eye (I like changing my make-up looks daily) So I thought to apply the white colour all over my eye and line the cream colour along the upper lashline leaving the dark green untouched for now.ย 
I liked the look, it was noticeable but not over the top and thats what I like during the day. It felt lovely when I applied it, it stayed smooth and almost had a creamy feel to it!ย 
Plus the powder didn’t go all over my eyes either – like some eyshadows do and then you have to re-do your makeup…grr!ย 

The colours…up close and personal..from Top: Dark Green, Middle: Cream, Bottom: White
I also loved the little wand it comes with, it’s a small double sided wand, on one end it’s flat and wide and the other side it’s slightly longer but thiner.

How adorable is the little wand the comes with it….and look at how gorgeous the colours are!!! ๐Ÿ™‚
I decided to use this eyeshadow for some of my make-up jobs, (being hygenic by using disposable wands and not dipping the brush back into the pot etc…etc…haha!) and the colours looked amazing, even for a pop of colour here and there or just a dab of the white to open up the eye area…the trio really did come in handy!
A few days later I wanted to do a green smokey eye on myself so I grabbed the eyshadow and started applying the colours here there and everywhere and within a short amount of time had a gorgeous smokey eye….it really does compliment brown eyes as the green makes the white of the eye whiter and the brown turn chocolatey making brown eyes look D.E.L.I.C.I.O.U.S!!!
ย The packaging is really neat and the way each colour is presented to you is lovely, you can see the colour before you open the lid as it’s see-through with the RIMMEL logo listed on there.
Turn it to the back and you have the name and colour of the eyeshadow and just below you have instructions (as pictured above) for a subtle look or London look and telling you which colours to use which I thought was really clever and quite sweet.
Love, Love, Love this product, it’s so easy to create different looks, smokey, natural, liner, dramatic etc, etc the list goes on….it’s just so easy to use.ย 
Obviously I would recommend this colour for the brown eyed girls (like me), tanned skin tones would also suit this look (again like me haha)!
I would mark this 9/10 as the colour did wear off slightly throughout the day but overall a wonderful product and I will definitely keep recommending this to my friends if they especially want to create smokey eyes quickly!
You can go to your local Boots store and buy your GlamEyes eyshadow trio in the colour you like for ยฃ6.49 and for a limited time you get a free gift when you spend ยฃ6 or more on selected Rimmel products and I think this may be one of them!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Have a little look at Rimmel’s website for different colours and products at:

And you can also find and ‘like’ them on facebook for new product updates at:
Layla xx
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