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Rimmel GlamEyes Eyeliner Review!

Rimmel GlamEyes Eyeliner Review!

Hello again…two posts in one day! 🙂
Well this review is a tiny bit different due to the fact it’s not an eyeshadow…it’s not a nail polish or lipgloss or mascara for that matter it’s actually an eyeliner review!!! Yes it’s different to the normal posts I normally write about but don’t worry this will be just as good!
It’s Rimmel’s Glameyes eyeliner in black glamour #001 and I’m actually looking round the room to find it as I type and I seem to have misplaced it…oh oh!
GlamEyes Black Glamour #001 eyeliner.
I never really took a fancy to liquid eyeliners when I first heard about them and when I tried to do a line for the very first time (I was about 14 years old) I couldn’t!!! I kept making myself look like a clown…….but as they say ‘practice makes perfect’ over time…I got there! 
So the time came to review/test the eyeliner and what I noticed first was how thin the brush is….I don’t think I’ve ever seen an eyeliner brush this thin and wasn’t sure if it would be easy to draw the line.
Slightly hesitant I started to draw along my upper lashline and it wasn’t easy….the brush isn’t firm and you don’t feel like you have much control. 
The wand….very thin – sorry about the shadow! :s
I took a step back from the mirror to see the line properly – slightly wonky….I wasn’t impressed. I did my other eye and it was a little bit better. Not the best product I’ve tested from Rimmel though. 
The same afternoon I took my make up off and tried again just in case it was me that needed to get used to the brush…slightly better but not like other eyeliners I’ve tried.
Here’s the eyeliner – the one time I was happy with it without going over it with a kohl pencil.

It’s really simple and cute, the writing is swirly and girlie (ha that rhymes!) and the silver writing looks lovely against the black.
That’s all I can really say about the packaging…oh and on the back it say’s eye-liner liquide professionel and in case you’re wondering yes I found the eyeliner on my bed haha! 🙂
I thought this eyeliner would be better. I like the look of it and tha silver swirly (girlie) writing would have made me want to buy it either way because it’s pretty but the wand really let this product down in my opinion. I would have given this a 10/10 if the brush was a tiny bit thicker and firmer because it lasts all day, doesn’t smudge if you accidentally rub your eyes throughout the day and the colour was really nice too, it was a proper black not a watery black! 
But my verdict is going to be a 6/10 just because the brush wasn’t thick enough or firm enough.
If you like the really thin lined look then this is for you without a doubt but only if you are an amazing expert at applying eyeliner or if you’re happy to go over it with a pencil to even out any wonkiness (is that even a word!?) 
I’m sure there will be people that LOVE this and people that don’t….I’m in between the two because I don’t mind going over it with a kohl pencil to give it an even look but I don’t think I’d buy this again…I’d try a different eyeliner from Rimmel and see which suited me better!
If you love the thin eyed look head down to your local Boots store and pick it up for £5.29!
Make sure you also check out Rimmel’s website for more products updates at:
And you can also find and ‘like’ them on facebook where they give you all the latest updates on any new products at:
 Let me know what you think…if you’ve tried this you may completely disagree with me and love the thin brush!

Layla xx
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