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BarryM Crackle Nail Polish Review!!

BarryM Crackle Nail Polish Review!!

Hello everyone…well it’s sunday evening in London and I’ve decided to sit down and write another post (after eating a lovely roast dinner)…this time it’s not for Rimmel or for Maxfactor (tomorrow I’ll be writing about a Maxfactor foundation) today I’m going to be writing about Barry M’s instant nail effects crackle nail polish!!
BarryM crackle nail polish painted over the metallic purple polish which I talk about in the picture below.
Well I didn’t really know what to think when I first heard about a nail polish that ‘shatters’ I thought huh!? But after seeing it a few times I started to really like the look and went to Boots to check it out.
I was wearing a red/pink nail polish so decided to test the black.
After painting my nail after about 3 seconds (precise) it started to shatter….it was the weirdest thing I’d ever seen…funny but at the same time weird haha. The end result looked great so I decided to buy it! ( I just can’t help myself….sometimes I feel like Becky Bloomwood from confessions of a shopaholic!)
Walking to the till proudly, I handed over the nail polish, paid and left and without really thinking headed home to go and paint my nails!! Once I got home, I removed my ‘old’ nail polish and re-painted them…yes base coat and all but instead of the red/pink nail polish it was a metallic purple polish I picked up when I was in Greece.
Once my nails had dried I looked at them…they looked funky but I didn’t like the feeling (although I got used to it a few days later) even with a top coat you could still feel the bumps from where the polish had shattered.
Gabrini…the metallic purple polish I picked up in Greece painted under the BarryM shatter polish.
I liked it…a lot! So after painting my nails I left and carried on with my day and when I returned home late at night I looked at my nails and they looked better than before. One thing I’ve realised with this nail polish is that it dries instantly and also makes the base and colour under it dry quickly too so if you want your nails to look fashionable quickly paint on any colour you love with this over it and run out the house….instant glamour and no chance of smudging!
The other thing I really liked with this is even if you nails chip you really cannot tell just because the way the polish shatters…it blends in and at least your nails always look neat and you can get away with not doing your nails for that extra day so more time for you to have fun!
One downside to this was how quickly it became clumpy…each time you paint a nail it’s best to put the lid back on and shake the bottle gently.
 As always I can’t really say much about a nail polish bottle…it’s simple, clear, the BarryM logo listed on the top and I like the shatter effect on the top of the wand too. On the bottom of the bottle you have the number of the polish.
I really like this so I’m going to give it a 8/10. It dries quickly so you’re not likely to smudge it but it dries too quickly when you’re painting your nails. The wand isn’t amazing either but it’s a lot better than some of the brands out there. All in all it is a very good product, you give a twist to your nails and instantly add some glamour in little time so I would definitely recommend this to my friends and add more colours to the collection!
The next thing I’m going to try is paint my nails white and paint the black crackle over it…I think it’ll look amazing!!
You can buy this from Boots for £3.99 so if you like adding a twist to your nails then head down to boots and buy it!!
Also check out BarryM website for updates about new products at:
Let me know if you’ve tried this polish and what you think! Have you created some lovely designs…let me know!! 🙂 
Layla xx
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