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Rimmel 1000 Kisses Liptint & Lipbalm Official Review!!!

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Liptint & Lipbalm Official Review!!!

Hello everyone!! Well this is my first post from my iPad so I’m hoping itll look ok and won’t auto correct some words to random words making the post un-readable…..(if that’s even a word)

This is the review about Rimmel’s 1000 kisses lip tint and balm!! I like lip tints but have found that they don’t last as long as they say… soon as you drink a cup of coffee or have a sandwich off comes the tint so here is my review!

The same day the wake me up foundation came so did this and when I tested the foundation I tested this too (I’m also wearing both now as I type!

Rimmel 1000 Kisses liptint & lipbalm review

So once I had finished applying my wake me up foundation, bronzer/blusher , mascara I had now reached lips….I normally just apply a clear lip balm but today I was going to add colour and wear 1000 kisses lip tint

Using the wand like a lip liner brush (as you will see in the picture below) I lined my lips and then coloured in the rest ( its like being a child and colouring in your colour book…..outline then fill in the rest haha!!)
Rimmel 1000 kisses – the wand/brush side
Letting it fully dry I then applied the clear lip balm that comes with this, one side it’s the wand and the other side it’s the clear lip balm!
 I loved this feature as its not often you’ll find lip tints having a lip balm and if you do it’s separate, this is good for girls on the go that don’t want to have too many things in their bag…..funnily enough thats me but somehow I still manage to carry everything but the kitchen sink in my bag!! 

Rimmel 1000 Kisses Liptint – Lipbalm end.

Once I was happy I headed out to test the product and a happy thought entered my mind… and coffee….Starbucks was the obvious first stop!! 
I just find it a shame that they’re not on every corner like I’ve heard they are in New York…..

Once I’d ordered my hazelnut hot chocolate with cream on top (yes fatty you might say) plus my mozzarella pannini and a rocky road just for a bonus I sat and ate it all and then took my hot chocolate (in a takeaway cup) and carried on with my day. 
I checked a mirror and could see that the colour was still there but not as strong as when I applied it…never mind we have the rest of the day to see how well and how long it would last.

As the day went on the colour seemed to fade and by the time I had returned to the place I call home it had completely vanished.

I would say this would be absolutely gorgeous for a night out and a lovely pop of colour to wear throughout the day but you would need to re-apply.

I will definitely recommend this to friends if they were looking for a good quality lip tint plus you get a lip balm too which is a bonus as it does help to keep lips looking and feeling smooth especially in these winter months! 
If you want to check out other colours and new products straight from Rimmel make sure you check out their website at:

Let me know what you think of this lip tint if you’ve tried it and which is your favourite colour!!! 
I have some cool things coming up so make sure you check back and find out!!!

Layla xx
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  • I bought this today in Nude colour, I had a cuppa and it all came off!!! Not a smidge of it left on my lips!!!

    I don’t like it anymore, I was really impressed with it before I tried it but now I wish I could return it and get my money back 🙁

    I totally would NOT recommend to a friend, nor a Foe!!!

    • Hello! 🙂

      Thank you for taking the time to comment!

      As I’ve mentioned in my post I agree with the fact it doesn’t last and by the end of the day I had no liptint on my lips!

      This is a major problem with liptints…none of them seem to last as long as they say which is a shame but if you don’t mind re-applying throughout the day it’s lovely.

      Layla xx

  • This looks nice! I’ve always wanted to try a lip tint but keep thinking it will dry my lips but it does have the balm so I’m not too sure! I might just give it a go cause your review has made me like it more!
    Lou x

    • Hello Lou,

      I like liptints due to how natural they look!
      What I would suggest is after your skincare routine in the morning apply a thin layer of lipbalm and by the time you’ve applied your foundation and everything else the lipbalm will have dissappeared and you’ll be left with gorgeous smooth lips ready to apply this wonderful colour!!

      Let me know what you think and how you get on with it!

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