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Official BeautyUK False Lash-FX Mascara Review!!!

Official BeautyUK False Lash-FX Mascara Review!!!

Hello all you gorgeous readers!! 🙂

I hope you’re all well and looking forward to the weekend! 
I know I haven’t updated anyone but this week I was sent some lovely products from BeautyUK to review on here which is very exciting! 🙂
The package came through and as always I’m like a child on christmas day opening presents! haha…
It was presented in a lovely bright pink envelope (which instantly made me smile) and there was a lovely letter inside and 2 lovely looking products!
The 2 products were – a mascara (which is this review) and a lovely nail polish (which I’ll be writing up in the next few days)
The mascara is called False Lash – FX and is in an adorable white tube with bright pink writing which I think will look lovely on every beauty junkies make-up table/make-up bag! 
BeautyUK False Lash-FX Mascara with the lovely pink writing and design! 🙂
You don’t normally see white packaging for a mascara tube (I’ve only seen one which is only on sale on QVC) so this was a delight to look at as it stands out and instantly catches your eye with the pretty design and colour….so far I liked it!
I applied my make-up as normal and when it came to apply my mascara I decided to use this as I wanted to see what look it would give me and how it would feel.
I applied the first coat and could see that my lashes looked lovely, long and dark but not as thick as I would have liked so I decided to apply another coat to my lashes and got even longer, darker looking lashes but again not as thick as I would have liked.
The wand which acts like a comb giving you long, dark lashes with NO clumps!
The wand is one thing I need to mention. 
It’s the best thing about this mascara, as you can see in the picture (above) the wand is like a mini-comb and gently brushes each lash giving you a lovely defined look without ANY clumps.
I’ve tried a lot and when I say a lot I mean a lot of mascaras this is the first one that’s cheap, doesn’t give you any clumps and instantly gives you longer, darker, polished lashes.
 When I say polished I mean clean, defined and lovely looking 🙂

 I didn’t have to re-apply this at all, my lashes still looked lovely when it came to the end of the day.
Yes the time had come for me to remove every little trace of make-up, stick my hair in a high bun, chill in my pj’s, watch tv and eats lots of ice cream….haha yep attractive! :s

I’m pleasantly suprised at how lovely my lashes looked when I applied false lash- fx!!
 If you’re a person that likes the natural look this if definitely for you.
If you like your lashes to have a long, defined look then again this is definitely for you.
If you want thicker, long lashes then what I would say is apply your favourite mascara as normal and then for added length apply one coat of this which will lengthen your lashes and brush out any clumps!! Plus it lasts ALL day!
For £3.99 this is an absolute bargain!! You can mix and match different mascaras for different types of looks so I would say to have this somewhere in your beauty kit!
I will be recommending this to my friends as I can honestly say that all of them will enjoy using this mascara in one way or another….either applying it after their normal mascara for a longer, defined look or wearing it as their primary mascara!
I’m in love with the pretty design! 🙂
 If you would like to find out more about BeautyUK you can do so by checking out their website.
You can also follow them on twitter:  @beautyuktweets

As I’ve said above for £3.99 this is a bargain and should be in every beauty junkies make-up kit!
So head out to Superdrug and buy your mascara! 🙂

Make sure you check back in the next few days as I’ll be reviewing the gorgeous ‘Urban Jungle’ nail polish from BeautyUK too!
Let me know if you’ve tried this and what your thoughts are too! 
I’d love to hear from you and will reply to every comment 🙂
Layla xx
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