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Q Radiance Deodorant

Q Radiance Deodorant

Q Radiance Deodorant

Q Radiance Deodorant


Q Radiance Deodorant

About Q Deodorant

Q is a new brand of fine fragrance body sprays, high-quality and lighter for everyday use.

The collection consists of Radiance, Balance and Awe which have all been blended with lovely ingredients for uplifting scents to last all day.

Q Radiance Deodorant

It’s a little bit difficult to describe scents so I will try and give as much detail as I can!

The Radiance deodorant is a blend of rose and bergamot which works in every way.

It’s a light scent which isn’t at all overpowering but you can definitely smell the rose which provides a seductive richness, there’s also a lovely refreshing scent running through making it a truly lovely body spray.

How long lasting is the Q Radiance Deodorant?

This is a fantastic body spray which lasts all day long, it’s not overpowering, it’s extremely delicate and you can smell it at the end of the day like a very subtle perfume which is very nice.

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Where to purchase?

I have been told that you can find this at Wilkos for just £2.99 for 100ml and I think it’s wonderful value for money.

You don’t need to use a lot and it really does last all day, it’s also a wonderful size to pop into your handbag and have it if you want to use it throughout the day.

So, if you’ve tried this please let me know as I would love to know your thoughts!!

Layla xxx

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