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PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish Review

PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish Review


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Beauty: PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish - Review

Written By: Layla

More often than not, it's the little changes and additions to our beauty collection that makes the difference and here's an item which can be used for multiple makeup options.

Join me as I share my thoughts on the PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish in colour Satin.


As always, lets start off with the packaging of the PUR Cosmetics Eye Polish. It comes in a lovely box and inside, you have the product itself along with an instruction sheet and a handy silicone-topped brush.

The brush is great as an applicator but not for using it as an eyeshadow as I'll tell you below... 😉

What I like about the packaging is that you have all the essential info and the colour is also consistent to the product colour (Satin) bringing everything together.



This is a great product to add to your beauty collection as I've been using this on and off over the past couple of months and have found that it's a great multi-use product.

Thanks to it's formulation, the eye polish is actually quite 'wet' but when using a thin layer, dries quickly - I mean quick!

This allows you to work with this in different ways - adding that 'brightening' touch which we all love. So, in effect as a highlighter.

Here are some options

  • Eyeshadow Primer
    (Great as a base for shadow to 'stick' onto)
  • Eye Polish
    (Apply onto the eye area to 'brighten')
  • Highlighter
    (Using the silicone-topped brush)

To use this as a face highlighter, I recommend using the silicone-topped brush. This allows you to apply the product onto skin and using your ring finger, you can blend for a desired look.

For my eyes I tend to use a flat precision brush, not the brush that comes with this as it allows me to create a bolder look.

See Also

Take a look at the video below to see the product - you can subscribe to my weekly vlog youtube channel too (giveaway coming soon).



You all know that I love reading your comments so let me know what you think of this product from PUR Cosmetics! Have you tried this or anything else from the brand?

I'd love to know so make sure you get involved in the comments below!

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