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Prada Candy Florale

Prada Candy Florale


Prada Candy Florale

Prada Candy Florale

I absolutely lovely perfumes as I’m sure many of you do too, there’s something fascinating about new fragrances and how a scent can take you back to a memory.

The new fragrance by Prada is Prada Candy Florale and as you can see in the picture above it looks super-pretty but has a simplistic look to it too.

Prada Candy Florale – The Fragrance

This is described as ” an uplifting mix of floral notes” with a “light airiness which puts the sparkle in Candy followed by tender powdery notes that echo a spring-like grace” not forgetting the “final whisper of warmth and honey

It actually sounds like a really lovely perfume, a floral perfume with lighter, warmer and sweeter notes.

Prada Candy Florale – The Design

As you can see in the picture above it’s very cute with a lovely pink floral tone – it’s ever so girly!

Looking at the picture the spritz looks like a flower which reflects the name and overall look really well – adorable! 🙂

See Also

Click HERE to view it on the Prada website!

So, let me know what you think of this lovely perfume…does it sound like something you would like?

Layla xx

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