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PIXI X Hello Kitty – Lip Tone

PIXI X Hello Kitty – Lip Tone


PIXI is a brand that is loved around the world and this is a perfect gift option for this that love PIXI Beauty products and also – Hello Kitty!

The two brands have partnered to create a lovely Lip Tone which is ultra moisturising and adaptive to your skin tone.

PIXI x Hello Kitty Lip Tone – Colours

Available in three adapting colours, meaning that the colours will each adapt to compliment your skin tone, which are listed below.

BERRY BESTIE – This is a rich pink / purple shade or a “berry” colour, hence the name. From the photos, this looks like it has a blue undertone.

PEACHYNESS – A beautiful peach / coral shade with a pastel tone. This isn’t as bright, more of a pastel peach shade which is lovely and warming.

CORAL DELIGHT – This is a rich red with coral undertone. I wouldn’t say that this is coral but more toward a rich red with coral undertone.

PIXI x Hello Kitty – Lip Tone Ornament

A lot of you may be wondering why this is called an “ornament” and it’s described that way due to the fact that this lip tint / lip tone comes packaged in an ornament style packaging.

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It almost could double-up as decor gifts on the Christmas tree as from the images, this comes with a ribbon so you hang this as decor which is great for unexpected friends who may visit or last-minute gifts to have when you need them.

Priced at just £8, this is a great treat for your family and friends or to have as those back up, emergency gifts!

Layla x

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