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Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review


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Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – There are so many brands out there on the market and I’m slowly getting to try the products on ‘my list’ thanks to the blog! 🙂

In this post I’m going to be writing about a product that I know many people want to find out more about – it’s an interesting product as this type of treatment is normally available in salons but Philosphy are a brand that pushes the boundaries so let’s see the Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review!

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – What Does it Do? What Is It?

A lot of people might be a little bit confused as to what the micro delivery peel actually is and what it does so I’ll explain things as easily as I can 🙂

Microdermabrasion is a medical treatment that rapidly resurfaces and replenishes your skin with Vitamin C and Philosophy have pioneered the next-generation treatment with an at-home version which is the Microdelivery Peel!

This is ideal for ALL skin types and the results are claimed to be ‘immediate‘ and ‘remarkable‘ so with that – let’s get going!

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – Packaging

As you can see this comes packaged in quite a large box, I say quite a large box as you’ve only got 2 products inside BUT you do have all the information provided on the front, sides and back – in different languages too! 🙂

Inside the outer packaging the 2 products are kept safe in a ‘container’ like holder – I don’t really know what it’s called but it’s professional and sleek….I just think that the packaging could be smaller and more compact.

Philosophy Mircrodelivery Peel Review – Products

You get 2 products in this set and you use them in two steps which is all listed on the packaging.

Vitamin C Peptide Crystals – this is the jar you can see pictured above and inside the product is VERY similar to a scrub with fine exfoliating beads however these are exfoliating peptide crystals and is smells like zesty lemon!

Lactic Salicylic Acid – this is the little bottle you can see in the pictures and this is used to ‘activate’ the crystals and resurface your skin – no scent.

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – How to Use

To begin with I will admit that I was slightly hesitant in using these products as I thought it would be quite a confusing treatment but surprisingly it’s VERY simple and easy to use as everything is listed on the packaging and the products!

Step 1 – Apply a teaspoon amount of the Vitamin C Peptide Crystals onto clean, dry skin and gently massage it for 60 seconds avoiding the eye area.

Step 2 – Apply a generous amount of the Lactic Salicylic Acid into the palms of your hands and apply on top/onto the crystals – a warming sensation will occur with a slight lather too! Leave onto skin for 2-3 minutes or you can massage it with the crystals for extra exfoliation (I did) but please do NOT scrub your skin!

Once you’ve done these steps simply rinse your skin with lukewarm water and gently pat your skin dry with a soft face towel – if it’s easier for you, remove the crystals with a damp face cloth, I just prefer rinsing my skin with water.

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Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – After Use

This should only be used once a week as it will irritate your skin if you do it often – I’ve only used this once as I got it a few days ago and wanted to write this post asap to share my first impressions with you but I will be writing another post once I’ve finished the products and used it for longer.

After the very first use I’m happy to say that my skin DOES look and feel really smooth – baby smooth I might add, I’m very impressed with the results but I’m waiting to see what my skin will look and feel like after a couple more times of using it as I don’t expect miracles with the very first use but overall extremely happy!! 🙂

By basing it on the first use I do think that by the end of using the products my skin will look a lot better, feel a lot smoother and generally have a lovely appearance – I do want to add that I am using more moisturiser to keep my skin hydrated and also using products with sunscreen in them as this can cause sensitivity!

Philosophy Microdelivery Peel Review – Purchase 

You can view all the Philosophy products on the John Lewis Website  🙂

Priced at £59.50 – it’s not the cheapest thing out there but you WILL be impressed with the results from the very first use- I’d say this is wonderful to use now so you can get your skin ready for your summer holidays! 🙂

I always LOVE hearing from you beautiful readers so let me know what you think! Have you had the microdermabrasion treatment….have you used anything from Philosophy??

Let me know!

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