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Outfit of the day, Quirky T-shirt, Easy Hairstyles….

Outfit of the day, Quirky T-shirt, Easy Hairstyles….

Hey lovely readers!!
I hope you’re all well and enjoying this week….it’s nearly the weekend yay!!
For me the weekend means I can catch up with work throughout the week…check things over and make sure I know what I have to do the following week!!
It also involves eating ALOT drinking ALOT of coffee and yep eating ALOT of sweeties hahaha!!!
Here is another Outfit of the day post!! (You lot seem to like my fashion posts!!)
Outfit of the day – quirky t-shirt – long wavy hair
As you can see I wanted to wear this t-shirt…it’s got a really cute design on it with extremely pretty colours…
I love colours and right at the bottom it’s got little frills which just add that extra touch of quirky-ness to this t-shirt and it’s a hit time and time again!!
Quirky t-shirt design
Just a little close up of the t-shirt design….it’s like a mix of branches, trees and birds mixed with colour!!
Cute t-shirt trends
Here you can see the frill at the bottom of the t-shirt better!
It’s subtle but it adds that cute-ness to it! 🙂
My hair is in long waves again but I’ve changed my fringe and used my GHD to style it with the added flicks!
Simple make-up look
This has to be one of my go-to looks which is extremely simple but gives you a clean gorgeous look!
I cannot begin to express how much of a change it is to simply define your eyebrows using an eyebrow pencil.
My brows are already quite dark but just by going over them with an eyebrow pencil adds that definition and lifts the whole eye area in an instant!!
I’ve gone for the simple eyeliner look and on my skin I’m wearing my own (LaylaD Beauty) moisturiser and added a tiny amount of foundation and blended it on my skin for a tint.
Simple Jackets for Autumn
Before running out the house I threw on a simple black jacket as it’s getting colder here in the UK!
It’s not quite cold enough for Coats but in about a month or so…my coats will definitely be making an appearance!! 🙂
Hope you like this Outfit of the day!! 🙂

I have some wonderful reviews coming soon too so make sure you check back!! 🙂

Lot’s of love xxx

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Layla xxxx


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