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Adorable small dogs!! A fun post for you all!!

Adorable small dogs!! A fun post for you all!!

I have a FUN post for you today!!
Nope…it’s got nothing to do with make-up, nothing to do with fashion, nothing to do with the beauty industry!!
It’s to do with my gorgeous pets!!! 🙂
Well one of my little pets and my sisters pet!
Chihuahua and Cocker Spaniel – small dogs, cute dogs!
A lot of you know the little man on the right – his name is Thunder and he’s my little Chihuahua who is the sweetest most easy going small dog I’ve EVER known or had!!
On the left is my sisters GORGEOUS Cocker Spaniel named Poppy
She is absolutely beautiful and I think she’d be good as a dog model!!
You can see her hair is flat at the top in this picture as she was asleep but you can style it into a mini-mohawk and it’s hilarious!
Poppy has even got LONG lashes….yep she can flutter those lashes when she wants a dog biscuit!!
Anyway that’s the post for now….Arn’t they the cutest!!!???
Lots of love, hugs and kisses from me and the two babies pictured above!
Layla xxxx
Thunder & Poppy xxxx
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