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Orofluido Hair Serum Review

Orofluido Hair Serum Review

Goodmorning to all you lovely readers!
I’m sat having a cup of coffee and thought to write up another review…this time it’s not about beauty, not about make-up and not about fashion!
What is it you ask? Well it’s about haircare!! 🙂
I love experimenting with my hair but as it’s wavy/curly I tend to leave it natural…..there are times when I straighten my hair, curl my hair for more definition, put it in a ponytail and experiment with different buns!
I also dye my hair from time to time which obviously causes havoc to my poor hair and it feels dry especially around this time of year!
Now as I have long wavy/curly hair a lot of people ask me how I keep it in good condition and it’s quite simple….I condition my hair and use hydrating masks once a week!
 A little tip I have is if you straighten your hair for a few days then leave it natural for a week or so…you’ll definitely see a difference!
 Don’t straighten it ALL the time! 
I did this 4 years ago and my hair ended up being in TERRIBLE condition which meant I had to cut it to shoulder length and only now has it grown back to the long length!
I ALWAYS use conditioner when I wash my hair and since receiving a sample from OROFLUIDO I’ve been using it on my hair and it’s beautiful!
Orofluido hair serum
Up till this point I rarely used a serum on my hair as I thought it would make my hair greasy or make it look horrible but I was wrong!
This doesn’t come out like an oil…it comes out like a very thick gel and it smells AMAZING!!!
The first time I applied this to my hair I wanted to lick it hahahahaha!
 It smells of caramel…..or caramelised bananas…it’s a very sweet!
If you like sweet smells (like me) then you will absolutely LOVE this! 
If you don’t then stay clear of this product!
orofluido sample size
Now getting to the main point….how does this leave my hair feeling?
I didn’t think it would work as well as it did but the first time I used this I applied it mainly to the bottom half of my hair (not roots) as this is where we all have problems with split ends!
It felt a lot smoother and of course the smell was beautiful….it only lasted a few hours though…boooo!
It’s been about 3 weeks since I started to use this and I use a very little amount (about a 1p size) on damp hair and I still have a lot of this product till it finishes!
If you have curly/wavy hair then I would definitely recommend this….it will make your hair look and feel smoother!
If you have fine hair then make sure you give it a go and use a very little amount…you will definitely see an improvement in how your hair looks and feels!
I made my mum use this in her hair and she liked it too but she hasn’t used it since as she doesn’t really fuss over her hair…..her hair always looks PERFECT!! 
Jealous lol!
I cannot comment to say if this will leave your hair feeling/looking greasy if you apply it to the roots as I have not applied it to my roots!
By what I have seen this shouldn’t make your hair look or feel greasy…it should just get absorbed by hair!
Have you used Orofluido?
What do you think?
What are your must-have haircare products??
Talk to me people! 🙂
Layla xxxx
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