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BeautyUK Urban Jungle Nail Polish Review!!

BeautyUK Urban Jungle Nail Polish Review!!

Hello everyone! I hope you’re all well and having a good week so far…not too long till the weekend!
I’ve got some very exciting news coming up so make sure you keep checking back!
Well today I’m going to be writing about BeautyUK’s lovely Urban Jungle nail polish which I mentioned in my other post about BeautyUK’s falsh lash-fx mascara!
When I first saw this type of colour in shops (not this brand) I have to say I didn’t like it at all….I thought it was a weird colour in between green and grey and not quite a khaki, it didn’t appeal to me at all and that lasted for months until one day it started growing on me.
Last week I got sent this colour and was looking forward to trying it not realising how lovely the colour was.
I removed my nail polish, applied my base coat and then two coats of urban jungle….I liked it! 
It’s a proper khaki colour with the most subtle hints of grey in the base…not like other brands where you don’t know if it’s green, khaki, grey or brown…no this was a proper gorgeous khaki which compliments every skintone!

Once I’d made sure the polish had dried I applied OPI’s nail envi nail strengthener as a top coat and protector for my nails.
I admired my nails for about 10 minutes and I made my mind up…this is my ‘it’ colour for when I want a statement but not to be over the top.
BeautyUK Urban Jungle polish.
 The real test was yet to come…how long would it last!?
Normally nail polishes last 2 days maximum and a chip would start appearing but this lasted 4 full days until I saw a chip!
It’s hard wearing and glossy looking like you just stepped out the nail salon!
Before you ask yes I did the washing up, had a shower every day, did housework and this nail polish did NOT budge!!!!!
I was extremely impressed with how well this lasted….4 whole days with NO chips appearing on the polish. (yes I sound like a broken record haha)
This gets a 9/10 from me for colour and chip resistance but the brush could have been slightly wider for a more even, easier application. 
Although for the BARGAIN price of £1.99 you cannot go wrong…buy several colours and go wild! 
Create your own designs, mix and match colours  and try the ring finger trend.
I love this colour and predict it’ll be a nail trend during spring 2012!
If you don’t fancy mixing colours or trying the ring finger trend then all you need to do is wear your favourite ring, simple or statement and it’ll look gorgeous!!!
I just want to say BeautyUK well done…for £1.99 you’ve brought us gorgeous nail polishes with a wonderful selection of colours that last for days!
I already love a gorgeous electric blue from BeautyUK which I’ve reviewed, a lovely pastely purple, bright pink and I know I’ll be going out and adding lots more to my ever-growing collection of nail polishes!
If you love BeautyUK make sure you check out their website at:
Or you can follow them on twitter: @beautyuktweets
Also if you want to purchase any lovely products from BeautyUK make sure you head down to Superdrug, Internationale and Select stores!
If you’ve tried any colours from BeautyUK I would love to hear from you!!
All comments will be replied to! 🙂
Layla xxx
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